If you follow Fox News, you may have gotten an alert on your phone like I did last night; an announcement that Donald Trump was just about to speak at a rally in Nashville. I was actually caught off guard by this; I had no idea that the President was so close to my neck of the woods. As I was kicking myself for not paying closer attention to Trump’s schedule so that I could be there in person, I clicked the notification and looked on as he began to speak.

He started off by telling Nashville how great they were, a typical Trump trait. He then stressed the importance of voting Republican in November, stating that if he doesn’t have the House, he may not be able to pass as many things as he’d like to. He praised several politicians that were running for office while he condemned crooked ones like Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi. Then came the fun part; he dove into his accomplishments as Commander in Cheif.

No more saying “I will make America great again,” as he claims, he’s already making America great. The unemployment rate for women and blacks has dropped, and wages have gone up. He mentioned how he was able to finally get rid of the pesky mandate that we all had to pay on our taxes if we chose not to have Obama care. Calling the former mandate “unconstitutional,” the crowd erupted with applause signaling their agreement.

He brought up Israel, and how finally, we are treating them with the respect they deserve. Relations between our two countries have never been stronger.

Finally, he mentioned the wall. In the past, he’s been outspoken about the fact that Mexico is going to pay for the wall, and although he admitted that hasn’t happened yet, he stated he was hopeful that by the end of the project, they would. He confessed that at first, he had second thoughts about the wall, challenging that most human beings have second thoughts concerning a lot of things. In the end, he decided to go through with it and states that the wall is already being built. Using environmentally friendly material, the wall should be up and ready in a few years.

After his speech, supporters were left feeling hopeful and excited for a greater America. Good job President Trump, we may have been unsure at first, but you’re making America great again.

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