This should be a banner week for pop idol Taylor Swift, as we approach this weekend’s upcoming launch of her 6th studio album, Reputation. However the new albums launch now finds itself marred by the fact that Taylor is once again facing allegations of White supremacist sympathies. It would seem the star who has previously been described by prominent Feminists as an “obnoxious Nazi Barbie,” just can’t escape being linked to such beliefs. Which is likely why she recently had her attorney send a threatening letter to one of these critics, demanding they take down an article making such accusations and issue a formal retraction in its place.

What would Swift’s attorney make of images like this?

This decision seems to already be blowing back in the popular singers face however, as now the ACLU has taken on the case in defense of the accused music critic. The article in question entitled, “Swiftly to the Alt-Right” accuses Swift of making “dog whistles to White supremacy in the lyrics of her latest single.” The songs accompanying music video is also called out for allegedly being filled with Nazi style imagery. Oddly enough, on this last point the lovable trolls over at 4chan are largely in agreement. As within hours of its launch they had quickly picked the video apart, pointing out what they believed to be subliminal Pro-Nazi messages hidden within.

A popular 4chan legend is that Taylor has visited the site’s infamous /pol/ board

Regardless of 4chan’s seeming agreement on the topic however, Ms. Swift’s legal team still remains unconvinced and unamused by the claims of their client’s possible less than mass marketable political views. The letter in question, which was leaked online despite being a confidential legal notice not meant for publication, accuses the writer of a clear intent to harm Ms. Swift. Claiming the article works “to perpetuate the sickening lie that Ms. Swift supports White supremacists.” One group seemingly not intimidated by threats of lawsuits is the ACLU. Who have called the legal argument put forth in the letter “meritless” and a “completely unsupported attempt to suppress constitutionally protected speech.”

The press has been accusing the pop star of alleged racism for years

However this story eventually plays out, it’s certainly not the type of attention Taylor wanted in the build up to her new album’s release. It’s hardly surprising though given that as other’s have already pointed out, the singer “represents everything the social justice police resent: she’s white, she’s pretty, she’s talented, and she’s amazingly successful.” So what do you think? Is Taylor really a White supremacist like so many seem to think? Does her potential lawsuit have any merit? Is her music even any good? Let me know in the comments below.

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