New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman kissed his political career goodbye Monday night after four women accused him of physical and sexual abuse. He said in his resignation statement that these allegations had nothing to do with his career and that he shouldn’t have to step down. But those gosh darn American people and their demand for justice! Ruins it every time.

“In the last several hours, serious allegations, which I strongly contest, have been made against me. While these allegations are unrelated to my professional conduct or the operations of the office, they will effectively prevent me from leading the office’s work at this critical time.”

Seriously? When you’re a public figure, everything you do is public. That includes how you treat other human beings. Two of his victims claim that they were choked and beaten to the point where they had to receive medical attention. One woman, Selvaratnam, a writer who began dating Schneiderman in 2016, said he slapped her, spat at her, and asked her to call him “master.” Saying that she was “his brown slave.” All of this, coming from the man who claimed to be a feminist and stood proudly with the #MeToo movement.

When you do stupid and unspeakable acts, stuff comes up. Stuff like this tweet he posted back in 2017:

“No one is above the law, and I’ll continue to remind President Trump and his administration of that fact every day.” 

Oh really? But wait, what’s this? Allegedly, he had made the opposite statement in private with Manning Barish, a political activist and another one of his victims. The New Yorker reports:

“Once, she made an oblique reference to Schneiderman on social media, in connection with a political issue. He called her and, in a tone that she describes as “nasty,” said, “Don’t ever write about me. You don’t want to do that.” Manning Barish says that she took his remarks as a threat, just as she took seriously a comment that he’d once made after she objected to him “yanking” her across a street. She recalls saying to him, “Jaywalking is against the law,” and him responding, ‘I am the law.'”

He went from “No one is above the law” to, “I am the law” also saying that as a champion of woman’s rights, “I have not assaulted anyone. I have never engaged in nonconsensual sex, which is a line I would not cross.” But he did cross it. Multiple times and it took this long for anyone to say anything because Schneiderman hid behind the “I’m a Jewish liberal and I fight for women’s rights” mask. Feminists are not losing an ally by coming forward, they are showing that no matter where you align yourself politically, the truth always comes out.

Maybe we need to start looking at more people who claim to be #MeToo advocates because so far this movement has produced more harm than good. People are being falsely accused while the real predators keep getting away with it. Who else is #MeToo hiding?

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