Facts trump feelings. That’s what anyone with an ounce of common sense will tell you when diving into the world of culture, politics, and social justice. One account on Twitter known as Hategraphs attempted to show us facts about racial differences through cold hard evidence, and it’s with a heavy heart that we tell you he has been suspended. But really, are we that surprised? 

Hategraphs was an account which strickly called out the B.S of left-wing narratives and often and backed it up with graphs and statistics. The main focus of his tweets was racial differences, and how people need to start talking honestly about them. His bio read:  

“Can I get banned from Twitter for posting graphs? Watch me try.”   

And try he did, unfortunately not coming out the victor. One distraught user on Twitter said that the suspension could have been due to any number of variables besides just the racial graphs, like one alleged tweet that reads: 

“Feminism makes women dumb (each generation) because of genetics.”

Some offered their condolences and “RIP” tweets while others remarked things like, 

“The Left gets very afraid when the truth gets out.” 

“I dunno if I agree with these studies but I despise censorship of any sort. If a crime wasn’t committed based on US law (as these platforms are US based), leave these accounts be.”

“Well, maps are now supposedly ‘racist’ so I’m not surprised that these lunatics are going after graphs. Facts were always an anathema to this lot.”

This isn’t just an attack on free speech, it’s an attack on facts. The graphs and tweets were not made out of hatred, but out of honesty. Out of the genuine desire to say, “Hey! We aren’t all the same, we are different. We have different strengths and weaknesses, here’s why.” And he’d start the conversation with actual facts. Social Justice Warriors got triggered, reported him, and Twitter responded exactly in the same manner that Facebook responds; they silenced the speech they didn’t like, calling it “hateful” and “abusive.”  

Fortunately for all of us who want to see facts without feelings, Hatgraphs can still be seen posting red pilled information on Gab, so if you haven’t signed up for an account, now may be the time to do so.  

The more liberals keep denying us our right to free speech, the angrier we get at them. Their whole motto is “love, not hate,” but they aren’t giving us a whole lot of reasons to love them. Watch out SJW’s, we aren’t done fighting for our rights yet.     

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