Twitter User SUSPENDED After Accusing Seth Rogen Of Sexual Assault


Seth Rogen. The man, the myth, and the notoriously unfunny legend has recently been in the spotlight for sending a tweet to Donald Trump Jr., condemning the affluent son of President Donald Trump Sr., stating,

“Hey dude! See you’re going pretty hard at us “Hollywood” types. I agree Harvey Weinstein is a piece of shit and people should speak against him. But… Are you aware your father has been accused of sexual harassment by several women and even admitted to sexual assault on tape? Maybe you should denounce that? Just a thought man! Have a good one!”

See the tweet:

This is not the first time Rogen has privately messaged Trump Jr., as on the show Late Night with Stephen Colbert in June, he read aloud a message in which he accused Trump of “trying to discredit our media, collude with Russia, and destroy the environment.” 

In response to Rogen condemning Trump Jr. for not condemning his father, a Twitter user by the name of Dana Jade (@Dmj10012) accused Rogen of grabbing her breasts and laughing after being asked to stop. Additional accusations by Jade include claims that Rogen had cornered her after the People’s Choice Awards in 2015, forcing her to summon an Uber to escape. 

See the accusations: 

Dana Jade’s Twitter account was quickly banned by Twitter after making the above accusation.

Seth Rogen, like Harvey Weinstein, is a prominent Jewish figure in Hollywood. The list of affluent Jewish men in the filmmaking industry who have committed sexual assault against men, women, and children is ever-growing. Is Seth Rogen the next Harvey Weinstein? Only time will tell. 

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