It’s a terrifying reminder of the current state of things, when we realize just how mainstream, extreme Alt-Left groups like Antifa have really gotten. While the mainstream media continues to panic over the threat posed by a supposedly White Nationalist led Alt-Right that oddly has been disavowed by pretty much everyone in any position of power. It oddly continues to ignore the increasing far reach and power of groups like Antifa. We already know they have supporters and connections among places like the New York Times, but now we learn that extends to the second biggest American Social Media platform as well. Even worse than having sympathizers inside the higher ups at Twitter though, comes the harrowing realization these people aren’t afraid to abuse their power in an effort to protect both the organization and themselves.

Ironically enough it was Twitter’s own Anti-Abuse Manager who was first leaked to have Antifa connections. With the now removed @polnewsinfinity account breaking the news that the man in question Alex Wu, was openly following self-declared “feminist activist” Kelly Ellis. An activist who among other things has clearly violated Twitter’s own terms of usage when she just recently declared she wanted the president to be assassinated as painfully as possibly.


Keep in mind the above tweets are exactly the type of thing that its Mr. Wu’s job to take down and punish. Instead of course because she is on the correct side politically in Alex’s mind not only does Kelly get a pass. She actually gets a follow from this Twitter higher up. In many ways it’s one of the most blatant signs yet, that Twitter openly forces Conservatives and Liberals to play by two very different sets of rules. Things get even worse when you learn that Kelly has also used the platform to openly donate money to Domestic Terror Organization Antifa.

Does anyone really believe Mr.Wu or Twitter in general would leave a Conservative account standing that called for the assassination of let’s say Elizabeth Warren and then donated to Richard Spencer? The account would be banned almost immediately, as countless have for much less. But when Liberals like Kelly engage in such behavior it’s seemingly not only allowed but applauded by the higher ups at Twitter and similar platforms. Worse though is the fact that calling attention to such hypocrisies can get you banned all on its own. As just after this story went up, Twitter bought the ban hammer down on the @polnewsinfinity account. Sadly just as they were about to break the 50k follower mark as well.

I would show you a picture of Kelly’s own account. Which remains very much still up unlike the /pol/ news page. Expect that oddly and to my genuine surprise. I discovered while writing this article that my little twitter page with a measly 83 followers, that has never contacted this women before, was already blocked!

While many have called for a mass “Conservative” exodus from Twitter, not all that unlike what Black Americans are apparently already doing with Blitter. Abandoning one of the largest social media hubs online to truly become just an actual Liberal echo chamber is not a good idea. For better or for worse Twitter is part of the common culture now, and if we let these people truly feel unchallenged on the platform, they will only feel all the more smug and self-confident in their opinions.

Instead we need to call attention to abuses of power like this whenever we can. That starts with forcing Mr. Wu and the Anti-Abuse team to deal with accounts like Kelly instead of following them, and re-instating accounts like /pol/ news. If you agree please help share this article, and maybe even tweet it out to @alexwu if you want. I’m sure the only thing that will happen is I get banned on Twitter myself after all.

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  • Rich FSr

    Twitter is suspending any accounts that seem to show conservative views. Go to They are not biased.

    • MadameMidlifeCrisis

      If they’re not suspending or shutting you down, they throttle or shadowban your account. I have been suspended just for liking tweets. Don’t care, I keep coming back & RTing/liking things I know Alex Wu & @Jack get all a-flustered over. Fack ’em & feed ’em beans! I’m not going anywhere.

  • Grant Klokeid

    “Abandoning one of the largest social media hubs online to truly become just an actual Liberal echo chamber is not a good idea.”

    If Twitter becomes a liberal echo chamber so be it. Twitter will be a lesser platform without the diversity of opinions. They say they want diversity but not of opinions. I suspect I will be spending less time on Twitter and more on Gab.

    • Blade

      All ISPs need to ne control by the right and block twitter

  • Is there any legal recourse to the Twitter bias in censuring conservative views?

    • Blade

      Need 50 people outside jacks home

  • Polly

    Similar to YOUTUBE
    it has much farther reaching consequences.

    An overwhelmingly obvious imbalance
    of “verified” Radical leftist blue check users.

    They aggressively rig the free market of ideas in their favor.
    its not simply limited to a social media political commentary caste system,

    They use their bogus “civil rights groups”
    aka tax havens and slush funds
    to launch frivolous legal attacks against content creators
    and they shut down our add revenues.
    Their ideas suck,
    and they know it
    so they cheat.
    You can’t negotiate with Communists.

  • cynthia curran

    I think they are more dangerous than people think. For example, the Red guard antifa in Austin has an article in praise of Comrade Stalin.Stalin everyone knows was a ruthless SOB and Antifa liking him means they are pretty dangerous in my book,

  • – TheFinn –

    Gab is there, minds is there, /pol/ is there…

    Twitter is only part of society if we make it so.

    “Who wants change?” *everyone*
    “Who wants TO change?” *nobody*

    • Blade

      Gab not app friendly

      • Kurt Wollmer

        They were BANNED from both app stores!!!