Underwear Company MeUndies is Obsessed with Race Mixing Ads: Who’s Behind Them?


If you’re out there, and you’d honestly rather pay $16 for underwear instead of $7 at Walmart, then MeUndies is for you. Side note, is anyone else seeing The Room references in this company’s name here or is it just me?

MeUndies is an underwear company that also offers socks, tops, bottoms, bralettes, and onesies for both men and women. (Most normal men will leave the bralettes to the women though, as it obviously does not offer such things for them.) They even have a subscription deal where you can get one pair of underwear each month for $14 a month. Sounds exciting right? Perhaps even life-changing.

But of course, you couldn’t just have a random underwear company floating around, things had to get political. Recently a user on Facebook by the name of Shane Dorfling (an advocate for white rights in South Africa) noticed a not-so-startling pattern when it came to the models they chose to use in their underwear campaigns. Most the ads, with the exception of very few, forced the agenda of diverse relationships.

“Hmm, sure is a lot of race-mixing going on in these company ads, I wonder who could be responsible….”

All three of the pictures contained in his post show diverse couples. MeUndies even currently uses a picture of diverse couples as it’s background. “But what’s wrong with that?” You might ask. The answer is simple, and I’ve said it time and time again; it’s not okay to force someone into supporting diverse relationships if that is not their preference. Can liberals not even learn from themselves? 

People seemed to agree. One comment on the post read:

“Horrid ads. I hate to even leave them in my feed, but others have to see this. This ‘forced diversity’ is very offensive.”

But as the original poster asked, who is behind all this? His name is Jonathan Shokrian, and he’s dedicated his life to underwear.

As we can see in this picture also posted by Shane Dorfling, an article goes into detail about how Jonathan Shokrian desperately needed more underwear, so he just started his own company dedicated to it. 

It’s important to note that just because someone says they’re a conservative, doesn’t mean they actually are. Yes, he’s a Jew, but he’s definitely got the attitude of a liberal, not a conservative. A conservative or right-wing Jew embraces their own culture and encourages others to do the same. A liberal Jew, on the other hand, does the exact opposite; they live up to every single negative stereotype spoken about them. 

At the end of the day, what an underwear company decides to do with their models doesn’t really affect my personal life. If I don’t support the agenda, I don’t buy from the company. But I will call them out. I will tell them that forcing a liberal agenda is a step in the wrong direction. People should not be told they’re the scum of the earth for openly opposing a forced agenda. This is not North Korea, this is the land of the free.