The Black Panther is set to premiere Friday the 16th of this month, just one week away from today. Blacks are especially excited about this release, calling it “their movie”. With a black director and a predominantly black cast, (whites are likely to be adversaries, or placed in secondary roles) they are astounded that a movie such as this could come from a “Trump America”.

But some blacks are not as enthusiastic about this as we may assume. A black man took to Twitter to complain about black people’s behavior during movies. According to HendriQs, black people may shout out a lot and stand up during the movie, blocking other people’s view of the screen. They may engage in the electric slide and leave before the post-credits scene. Additionally, black women may scream a lot, causing others to have difficulty hearing what the characters are saying.

“Imagine you’re a dedicated MCU fan. You go see Black Panther tryna see how artists portray the richest nation in the Marvel universe, Wakanda. Then BOOM, a bunch of unruly ass niggas talking through the movie screaming “yaaaaaaaas” ruin it for you.”  

He continues to rant through a series of Tweets. See the screenshots below:

While this movie is sure to have a lot of fangirls screaming with glee, it may, unfortunately, bring a crowd of people with more violent tendencies. Now I know what you’re thinking; “That’s racist! Just because this movie will attract more blacks does NOT mean there will be violence! You stereotypical bigot! Just wait till we have another black president…”

If you read that in an intitled SJW sounding voice, you’re not alone. Every year, violent flash mobs become a sort of inevitable epidemic. ABC News usually does reports on them, and with the exception of two or three white people, most of the people taking part in these planned violent flash mobs are black.   

Blacks, as the man in the Tweets, pointed out, especially black women, tend to be a little louder when it comes to speech, and that’s not a “racist’ thing, that’s just a matter of fact. Click here to see what I mean.

In this video, there is a loud, argumentive fight taking place in a movie theater. Judging from what was said, it appears that a teenage boy was kicking his seat as well as exhibiting other annoying teenage behaviors. Everyone was yelling, but the black man was by far the loudest voice in the crowd.

If a black man sent out multiple Tweets, complaining about how loud his own race can get, you can’t cry “racism.” It’s simply an observation. Will there be a flash mob during the premiere of Black Panther? We can’t swear to it, but it’s highly plausible. Given the fact that blacks already don’t want whites to sit in the same theater as them during this movie, (whites just don’t get it, they say) coupled with the fact that Black Lives Matter and actual Black Panthers (both extremely violent organizations) are planning to view the feature, means violent outbursts are not out of the question. 

The BLM types think that this is “their movie”, no other race can appreciate it but them. Are you a white Marvel fan? If you can’t wait for the digital download, proceed with caution when seeing this movie in theaters. It may sound like a ridiculous over-exaggeration now, but when BLM is involved, you can never be too careful.