On Sunday, August 27, 2017, a rally titled, “Columbus United Against Hate” was held at The Ohio State University. The rally was intended to “send a clear message that Ohio State and Columbus communities reject right-wing violence and hate and that we will not tolerate it on our campus.” The “right-wing violence and hate” spoken of, of course, is none other than the events that unfolded in Charlottesville, VA on August 12th and 13th, resulting in the death of Heather Heyer. Notably, it is not clear whether or not James Fields, the car-wrecker, is responsible for the death of Heyer, or if her death was the result of her own irresponsible negligence. Naturally, the latter possibility has been entirely eschewed by the masses in favor of a stronger anti-right narrative. 

At this Antifa rally at The Ohio State University, students and community members congregated at a field in the middle of campus called “The Oval,” where a statue of William Oxley Thompson stands tall and proud. Thomson was the fifth president of the university, and it is surprising that the congregating students did not pool their energy towards dismantling the statue, as Thomson was also a straight, cisgendered, white man who, as he lived in the 19th century, would not have adhered to the progressive ideologies promulgated by the masses present at the rally. 

After approximately an hour and a half of lectures offered by various socialists, Marxists, Jews, and a Muslim woman, it was decided that those present at the rally – estimated to be between 100 and 200 – would march through The Oval and into the Ohio Union, a popular space for Ohio State students to do their homework, meet up with friends, or get a bite to eat. On their journey, a single resounding chant pierced the air for approximately ten minutes as the Antifa members made their way into the public space: “No hate, no fear, refugees are welcome here!” The chant continued until everybody was stationed in the Union’s main floor, when a woman with a megaphone took charge and began to introduce the next several speakers. 

Watch the video: 

Two anonymous students stated that they wished that the rally would have been “held somewhere else,” and various complaints regarding the disruption of the typically quiet atmosphere were received by Squawker representatives who were on the scene. 

The rally received a multitude of endorsements from organizations, most of which are rooted in Columbus. Below is the following list of the organizations which chose to endorse the Antifa rally, listed in the order depicted on the rally’s Facebook event page

Endorsing organizations:
American Consitution Society Mortiz College of Law Chapter
Black Queer Intersectional Columbus
Bread & Roses Reading Group
Buckeyes for Public Health
Central Ohio Reconciling Methodists
Columbus Citizens for Police Review
Columbus Community Bill of Rights
Council on American-Islamic Relations– Columbus, Ohio Chapter
Dancers in Grad School (DIGS)
Democratic Socialists of America — Columbus
Department of Comparative Studies, Ohio State University
Department of Sociology, Ohio State University
Department of Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies Ohio State University
The Executive Committee, the Department of English, Ohio State University
Equality Ohio
International Socialist Organization — Columbus
Jewish Voice for Peace of Central Ohio
Jewish Voice for Peace — OSU
My Project USA
Ohio Green Party
Ohio Student Climate Resistance
1girl OSU
OSU A Capella Alliance
OSU Faculty Against Fascism
Ohio State Student/Farmworker Alliance
PFLAG Columbus
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio
Primary Care Progress at OSU
Progressive Peace Coalition
Renew OSU
Shades, Buckeye Chapter
Showing Up for Racial Justice — Columbus
Socialist Alternative — Columbus
Stop Trump Columbus
Students for Justice in Palestine at Ohio State
United Students Against Sweatshops — OSU
Women’s March on Washington, Ohio Chapter
Yes We Can: Columbus Working Families

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of the rally is the multitude of Ohio State affiliated faculty affirmed the rally’s purpose and ideals.

The chant that rang through the halls of Ohio State’s Union building is fundamentally dishonest when it boils down to confronting its opposition. The chant supposes that their right-wing counterparts 1) hate immigrants, and 2) fear them, as well. This is not the case

Conservative national polity regarding border security and immigration revolves around some form of nationalism, typically of the civic type. Essentially, it is held by right-wingers that every country possesses a unique national identity that is formed by history, culture, religion, language, and at times, ethnicity. Immigration without assimilation, that is, the bringing of foreign nationals into one’s country of origin, results in the gradual decline of one’s national identity as foreign values and frameworks are brought in to coexist alongside one’s own. There is not hate towards foreigners, insofar that damage is not conflicted to one’s nation, which is inevitable with mass immigration. 

Regarding “fear,” the term “phobia” is thrown around a lot by the socio-political left. Those who detest Muslim values are “Islamaphobic;” likewise, those who disagree with the political ramifications of transgenderism are “transphobic.” Yet, one would assuredly be hard-pressed to find someone who authentically possesses an irrational fear of Islam or transgendered people. The alt-right is not afraid of degeneracy, it is simply opposed to it. 

Perhaps, if the rally had the desire to achieve something more than pandering to the weak wills and easily molded ideologies of college students, an honest intellectual discussion regarding the ideas of socialism, cultural Marxism, and postmodernism could be brought to the forefront of the conversation. This, however, will never be done, because the left doesn’t care about ideas, it cares about feelings. 

The rally was a display of Antifa at its finest, but luckily, no violence was reported after the rally. However, the death of social activism again seeps into college campuses, and students are once more the guinea pigs for progressive ideology.