On Wednesday, New York metalcore band Stray From the Path released a video for a song off of a forthcoming album.

In the video, a group of men (presumably Antifa members) are shown watching a television showing footage of Richard Spencer.

After covering their faces and loading rifles, the group drives around a neighborhood before breaking into a home and brutally assaulting a man who is apparently meant to represent Richard Spencer.


“I’ll give you something you can’t take off!” one of the men tells the Spencer lookalike, before tattooing swastikas on his beaten, bloody face.

Take a look at this video below:


Also, check out the downvotes on this video. Wow.

You can also watch this video at https://hooktube.com/watch?v=yy-SiZSlmhI to avoid giving their label any clicks.

This type of content is nothing new. As we have noted before, in the aftermath of the election, celebrities have made sport out of alluding to murdering President Trump or rationalizing violence against normal, everyday people that chose to vote for him in last years election in music videos, movies, awards ceremonies, and even Shakespeare plays.

As the left continues to lose ground both in state and municipal elections, it is not surprising that leftists become more and more desperate in their use of shocking, violent imagery and rhetoric. Unfortunately, as last months shooting of Congressional Republicans showed us, this type of rhetoric can have pretty dangerous consequences when people actually take it seriously.

We are living in very strange times where Dream Machine can lose their record deal for harboring “ugly opinions” about immigration policy in the West, and yet a band like Stray From the Path will have their record label promote, and most likely pay for a video glorifying violence against people whose political opinions differ from their own.


  • Christian Gains

    These THUG DIMWITS are simply “baiting” the mentally deranged to “copy Cat” their actions…(but note that “THE DIMWITS” don’t go out & “pull the trigger”)! Genuinely a rather cowards style of “baiting” weak minded souls…May God ABUNDANTLY DEAL WITH THESE “fame sluts”!….They don’t even rise to the level of PATHETIC…just SICK!

    My DEEPEST CONCERN is that some Conservatives WILL lash back, (“…thinking they do God service…”)! Unfortunately that’s a possibility! I PRAY we’re ALL above that!