Do you think Donald Trump’s Tweets are a little left field? His Tweets are nothing compared to Nate Salzman, whose bio describes him as a “Campaign Manager . Fighting for Virginia’s working families and standing up to the Trump agenda”. In case you are wondering, Ryan Sawyers, is a candidate for Congress. So while Salzman isn’t actually a politician himself, he’s too close to the political realm for comfort.

From calling everyone who isn’t a liberal a “Nazi” or “White Supremacist”, to downright being ignorant, this is one public figure who definitely shouldn’t use Twitter unsupervised.

A stranger just said “Merry Christmas” to me in a store. Damn… we (the Jews, the liberals, etc.) have a lot more work to do to win our

After his Tweet was met with criticism, he tried to retract his statement and play it off as a joke, Tweeting that, “Some people are having trouble taking a bit of sarcasm”.

Recently, he made yet another point to defend his war on Christmas “jokes” by replying to a Tweet from Alex Leo that said:

Funny: made a joke about the pretend “war on Christmas” Not-funny: Right-wing nutjobs who don’t understand humor took it seriously and now he’s being threatened with gassing

Those who threatened him were more like internet trolls, so the same could be said of him to just “take a joke”. Salzman replied with the following:

Thank you . They won’t stop and I from fighting the good fight.

Most people didn’t go so far as to threaten him, but people were clearly and understandably upset by this. “Merry Christmas isn’t an insult, it meant as a blessing, a wish for goodwill! So sad that you can’t see that!” One user replied. Salzman is an over the top proud liberal and based on his other outrageous Tweets, his statement was more than likely spot on towards how he really felt.

Christmas is an important holiday, and to be a public figure and speak so negatively of it, reflects deeply on how he feels about the American people in general. If you don’t like him or support his religion, you’re a Nazi. If you are white and celebrate Christmas, you’re a white supremacist. It’s the same with every hardcore liberal; if you aren’t on their side, you are the enemy. Do you disagree? Let’s have a conversation.

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