“We Are Not Monkeys!” Black Teenagers Respond To H&M Controversy: “I’m A King.”


If you’ve read one of our recent articles, you may be all up to speed on the H&M controversy. If you haven’t however, here’s a brief rundown:

H&M had posted an ad on their website. The ad showed a kid’s sized mint green hoodie with the words “Coolest Monkey In The Jungle” written on the front. Seems harmless enough right? Monkeys live in the jungle, and children often are jokingly compared to monkeys as they are highly energetic. Well, the controversy wasn’t necessarily in the hoodie itself, but in who was wearing it. Instead of having only white children as models, they chose to, or rather were forced to, be all-inclusive. The only issue was the fact that it was a black child who modeled the jungle hoodie, and many people viewed this as tone-deaf and racist.

Singers such as G-Easy and The Weekend were quick to disavow and completely disown H&M. G-Easy saying, “After seeing the disturbing image yesterday, my excitement over our global campaign quickly evaporated, and I’ve decided at this time our partnership needs to end.”

But celebrities aren’t the only ones being triggered by this terribly horrible, extremely disturbing and of course so oppressive we can’t live with ourselves hoodie; high schoolers are getting in on the action too!

In a post on Instagram, seven black teenagers are seen standing in a line. The tallest one in the middle, (and I dare say he’s only taller because of his hat) takes us to Hunter Avallone’s Retardville by screaming, “We are not monkeys!” They proceed to speak one by one, uttering only the words “I’m a King”. Of course, there was a girl among them (who was visibly rehearsing her lines throughout the entire video) and when it came to be her turn to speak, she said, “I’m a young Queen”.

This was met with mostly ‘Yeah! That’s right! I’m a King/Queen too! I will rule Americ- I mean… I love equality! Diversity is good! Diversity is our strength!” But a few people managed to have common sense in the matter. Firstly, these teenagers are only hurting their own cause. “We Wuz Kangz”. This is a meme that does not reflect positively on the BLM types, it represents ignorance and entitlement. So to the teens in that video, good job making yourselves look uneducated. Secondly, how are they all Kings? The whole point of monarchy is that one person rules over their people. They cannot all be Kings. Lastly, this one comment definitely teaches us the values of good old honesty.

“You are high school student. Get the fuck back to class.”

Until the BLM types figure out that they’re actually hurting their own cause and need to stop acting like degenerates, all we who sit on the side of sanity can do is laugh at them.

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