Famous Hollywood figures Kevin Spacey and Bryan Singer have been publically outed as pedophiles. The advent of the Harvey Weinstein scandal brought to light many sexual abuse allegations against influential celebrities, including a case made against Seth Rogen

However, these incidents cannot be understood to exist in isolation. In an article written in 2008, the famous online gossiper Perez Hilton covered both Spacey and Singer, together with their peculiar affection towards young boys. 

The article was titled “Where the (Young) Boys Are,” and was published after Spacey received the title of Professor of Contemporary Theatre at Oxford’s Catherine College in May 2008. In the short article, Hilton’s remarks are relatively innocent, detailing a particular quote made by Spacey upon receiving the award. Spacey is quoted to have said the following: 

“It really is an honor for me to have been invited to follow such illustrious names and take up this role at Oxford. The university is steeped in tradition and has a great heritage in the arts, and I look forward to working with the students and staff.”

Innocent enough. 

What is alarming is Hilton’s comment on Spacey’s ascent to professorhood. 

“Like Bryan Singer, Spacey’s a total chicken hawk. Go to town!” (Source)

With a title such as, “Where the (Young) Boys Are,” and with a closing like the one seen above, what exactly was Hilton inferring? 

A chicken hawk, of course, is a reference to an older homosexual male who is attracted to younger men (teenagers or young adults). Hilton knew. Hilton was fully aware of the fact that Spacey has a thing for young boys, and used Spacey’s professorship as a way to poke fun at the Hollywood figure’s pedophiliac tendencies.