White Nationalist Mike Enoch’s Twitter Account Killed after He was Retweeted by Ann Coulter


Besides selling your data is there anything tech companies enjoy more than deplatforming people? Trick question. This is obviously a “why not both” scenario. Just days after the greatest right-wing social media crossover in history it looks like Twitter is doing what it does best, banning people for wrong think. We wish a sorrowful farewell to Mike Enoch’s post purge Twitter account.

It finally happened. “Queen” Ann Coulter noticed one of the most popular alt-right figures on her twitter account. On the night of the misguided U.S. led missile attack on Syria, many good people (on both sides) took to social media to voice their displeasure, but probably none more simply put then Enoch’s tweet of  “I specifically requested the opposite of this.” Who would have expected that something so simple would reach as far as Ann Coulter’s feed? When people noticed that the bestselling author, and popular news and radio personality had retweeted one of the leading figures from therightstuff.biz they were shocked. Then it happened a second time. Then a third. Ann confirmed for /our girl/?

Of course this triggered many political correctors to go on the attack. Well, what leftists consider an attack anyway, which is actually just mass reporting of an individual account. In their mind you aren’t allowed to be anti-war, or even anti-neocon, unless you have the ‘correct’ political opinions. It seems like they would rather silence vocal proponents of peace, and non-intervention in the middle east. Who cares if he is doing more to try and divert the nearly inevitable war in Syria? He says naughty things on the radio! Get him kicked! Of course Ann is going to be the subject of articles and internet news segments which will sound something like this: “Wow just wow. She retweeted a white supremacist!” As always, it probably won’t phase her.

Here’s hoping that the lawsuit being filed against twitter forces them to use their platform in a more fair way in the future. It’s not as though we really need these platforms anymore though. It seems like the alt-right has hit enough of a critical mass that its still growing despite being essentially bared from the internet, and even payment processing platforms. Hopefully Mike makes another account soon. The next step a retweet from @realDonaldTrump.