Nothing is sacred these days; not even memes. A white man in South Africa learned the hard way that corruption and hatred run rampantly in his country, and even the police officers have an agenda.    

Winnie Mandela, the proud communist who always arrived late and alone to important gatherings just to be the only one to receive applause, died recently due to illness. People in South Africa are currently mourning her death while news publications are singing her praises; printing every story that paints her in a positive light. The truth is, Mandela was not a good person. Her character had been questioned several times through her life and she had enough scandals to have a book written about them. She was a revolutionary and a communist, not a respectable figurehead. 

When a white South African posted a “disrespectful” meme of Winnie in a group chat on WhatsApp, supporters of Mandela were infuriated and vowed to do something about it. 4chan posted the story, along with images depicting the beginning of the incident. 

“A man who posted a Winnie Mandela meme in a WhatsApp group, had his home surrounded by ANC Youth League members wearing ANC shirts with Winnie’s likeness on them, carrying tires in an explicit threat of necklacing him. He refused to come out. The police arrived, called for the man to come out of his home, where he made a public apology saying he was drunk and didn’t mean any harm. So now we have roving gangs threatening to necklace people for offending the ruling party or “struggle” leaders, and the police take their side. This is what Anarcho-Tyranny looks like.”

Most traces of the original meme have vanished, but here is the one thing we could find on the meme that was supposedly horrible enough to murder someone over: 

The white South African didn’t end up being “Necklaced” (an appalling method of killing which involves putting a petrol-filled tire around a victim’s neck and setting it on fire) because he apologized and said he was drunk when he sent the negative meme. But those in support of Mandela made it known that they would not tolerate this kind of behavior. Myeza, a man who was in that same group chat and later booted, had these things to say as he and several supporters marched to the home of the “racist.” 

“Let this be a lesson to anyone else who even thinks about dehumanizing or humiliating our leadership – such behavior will never be tolerated by ANC supporters.” 

“We are sending a message, no ANC leader will be humiliated without any action.”

“Today we are paying our neighbor a visit. By the time we leave, he will be wearing an ANC T-shirt and he will publicly apologize for the derogatory image he posted about #WinnieMadikizelaMandela”

They claimed that they were being “forced” to threaten this man instead of mourning their communist leader. Just when you think South Africa can’t get any worse, they manage to kick it up a notch. Killings, terrorism, raids, threats, it never ends. The United States always intervenes in problems that have nothing to do with us, so why aren’t we helping whites being oppressed in South Africa? At this point, all we can do is pray that the violence doesn’t get worse.