As America gears up for the biggest shopping day of the year. Those infamous trolls over at 4chan are gearing up themselves, for round 2 of one of their most successful ploys of recent memory. As just when everyone seemed to have moved on from the initial outrage over the sites “It’s OK To Be White” poster campaign, plans are now afoot to take things to the next level over this upcoming holiday weekend. 

At first the idea for Operation IOTBW 2: White Friday was simple. With the plan largely remaining the same as before, just this time specifically targeting the Black Friday shopping period to gain the maximum exposure possible. However all that changed when one anonymous user made a valid point regarding the shortcomings of the first attempt. Highlighting that the most common problem with the simplicity of the original message was that it usually only elicited the response “nobody is saying it’s not OK” from most people. See for yourself his full argument here below.As a fix to this problem, the user suggested that the signs need to also include an example of just why this kind of message is necessary in the first place. His solution to this was to include some Anti-White headlines pulled from mainstream progressive online news sources. He even was kind enough to include some examples of the racist Anti-White articles in question. I have included many of these here below featuring headlines ranging from, “Do All White People Really Suck” to “White Men Must Be Stopped!”It remains to be seen how widespread this new direction will be used on Friday. However if these images from the prior wave of signs is any indication, American shoppers might be pretty surprised by the amount of /pol/ approved fliers they encounter while out shopping this weekend.

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