Say the word “Terrorist”, and you automatically picture ISIS and the Muslum Brotherhood plowing down people with cars, massive shooting rampages, and blowing themselves up in the name of Allah. But as many of us know, that’s not all there is. There is the infamous Black Lives Matter with their persistent chants and promises to kill any and all law enforcement. There is also Antifa, personally one of my bigger adversaries. They promote communism, burn and destroy personal properties, and use violence to achieve their goals. Their slogan is “by any means necessary” and they are by no means holding out on their word. Just last year, a member of Antifa was caught with a weapon and threatening to use it on the opposition.

Now, after the endless amounts of times we’ve called them out and demanded justice, BLM and Antifa will finally be labeled as terrorist organizations by President Donald Trump.  

Fox News stated:

“Wray told members of the House Homeland Security Committee that people associated with the so-called anti-fascist or Antifa movement were subject to the FBI probe amid possible violent criminal activity.

‘While we’re not investigating Antifa as Antifa — that’s an ideology and we don’t investigate ideologies — we are investigating a number of what we would call anarchist-extremist investigations, where we have properly predicated subjects of people who are motivated to commit violent criminal activity on kind of an Antifa ideology,’ he told the House panel.

Wray said the FBI was investigating about 1,000 domestic terror cases and all were based on threats rather than “ideology, opinion or rhetoric.” He added that out of about 1,000 open domestic terror investigations, all are focused on actual physical threats.”

And there is credible evidence to all of the above. Everything has been recorded; the rallies, the social media posts, everything. These groups days are numbered. 

Explaining the whole situation is BPEarthWatch on Youtube, who notes how Antifa’s numbers have dwindled since the article was posted to Fox. He mentioned the Christmas protest, where only three members of Antifa arrived to protest the true meaning of Christmas and promote communism. A larger group of America First supporters rallied together and sang hymns, drowning out the sounds of liberal propaganda. The group of three Antifa snowflakes soon melted down to two, however, as one of the more vocal members was hit by a truck and sent to the hospital to treat their injured hip.   

Besides the fact that these liberal hate groups are shaking in their boots at the thought of being labeled as actual terrorists, George Soros is being a little less generous with his money; cutting off funding completely. He once gave BLM a whopping 33 million dollars, but do you know where he was getting a lot of his money from? The Deep State. Our taxpayer dollars were being used to fund groups like Antifa and BLM.   

Now that the funding isn’t there, combined with their new terrorist status, and the fact that people have had enough of their degenerate ways, they are losing and we are winning. The days of the media glorifying these left-wing hate groups will soon be a thing of the past.