Woman Posts A Picture Of Herself Next To A Black Man; Later Gets Beaten By Said Black Man.


A more common theme among modern Americans is to date/marry someone outside of their own race. For most people, this isn’t an issue. Families are often supportive, and often times in these relationships, the one who isn’t white tends to exhibit more traits of a white person than that of their own race. Just as often, however, those who choose to date outside of their own race find that it’s not all sunshine and gay rainbows. The stereotypical, “I’m a street thug and I wear my pants on the ground” black men, typically don’t date outside of their race, but when they do it’s, unfortunately, white girls who are easily influenced by deception and the thrill of a new lifestyle. 

The white women in my personal circle that choose to date the “street thugs”, or the “love them, then leave them” types, either never date blacks again, or keep going after the same types of people, ultimately destroying their life. One woman, (pictured down below) Tweeted the following:

“White guys usually have small dicks and can’t put it down. That’s why I’m #Teamblackguys”

But as we can see in the comparison photo, just a few years later, she was no longer cheering for team diversity, instead, she issued a warning: 

“Eyes bleeding inside. Head bruised. Can barely keep it open. Watch who you hang around. Fuuuuck em.”

In another comparison photo, we see two different family gatherings. Some family members have been added, while others have suddenly disappeared. 

The Facebook caption reads: 

“Top was three years ago… A lot has changed for…(names are blurred for privacy) we blessed.”

Three new children, but where on earth is the father of the mixed child? Obviously, he is no longer in their lives. This proves again that stereotypes aren’t just made out of thin air. You can cry racist all you want, but the proof is in the pictures. It’s in the women who went through or are still going through rough relationships all because society told them to glorify the street and drug life. 

Here, sadly, is yet another comparison photo. She thought everything was fine, that he loved her. But now here she is heartbroken, single with two children, and beaten. She posted a video on Facebook, sharing her story in hopes that women wouldn’t feel pressured to take their abusers back into their lives and endure their wrath.

Magda Pegowska (YouTuber) also posted two different videos. In the first, she is happily updating everyone on her pregnancy with her diverse boyfriend, and in the later video, she’s telling us about her struggles as a single mom.  

Dating people of other races just for the sake of being diverse, conforming to societies expectations, or “getting back at the Alt-Right”, is not the way to go. You’ll end up learning hard lessons, and your life will never be the same. 

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