If there’s one word anyone with a position of power at their workplace hates, it’s racism. Racism means that there’s going to be a whole lot of paperwork to fill out and more than enough awkward and uncomfortable calls with HR to boot. But half the time discrimination is not actually at play, it’s just someone cashing in on their privilege points. One woman in the UK did exactly this, and it backfired big time. 

Ex-Met officer Carol Howard accused her employer, the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) of discrimination and harassment. She claimed that other people of color felt the same way, that they were being treated differently because of their race. But were they really? As it turns out, “racism” was just a diversion in masking the true issues she had at her place of (former) employment.  

After reviewing all 33 claims of racial discrimination, the Judge dismissed every single one on the grounds that Carol Howard had “very poor judgment” when it came to knowing the difference between prejudice and terrible job performance. Howard suffered from the latter. 

Instead of her work environment being hostile and unfavorable to “women on color” as she claimed, she was actually just bad at her job. She had lost her position with IPCC after lying to her boss on her time card about the hours she worked. Not to mention, she was reportedly a whiner when it came to job assignments. Her former employers claimed that whenever she didn’t get her way, whenever she didn’t get the assignments she wanted, she would blame it on the white men and all their “racist” ways.

In a statement, Judge Joanna Wade said her claims to be the victim of a ‘witch hunt’ were unfounded. 

“We are left with the uncomfortable conclusion that the claimant has an unshakeable but incorrect belief that if she does not like what is happening or is prevented from doing the work she chooses, this is discrimination [or] victimization. Her lack of perspective is astonishing. It gives rise to concern that winning a tribunal claim may have a detrimental effect on future judgment.”

Carol Howard ended up losing out on £144,000 and her current state of employment is unknown (though honestly, who would want to hire this woman?) She played both the woman and race card and failed miserably, and this was in the UK where apparently everything is related to racism. Perhaps this means that the rest of the world as hope. Maybe this is a sign that black supremacy just isn’t trendy anymore. Either way, it’s a step in the right direction.   

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