Women in Germany have had enough of liberal politicians and policies that only seek to benefit refugees. During the Berlin International Film Festival, several women jumped on stage and proudly displayed their banner for all to see. “The voices of the forgotten women,” it read. As to be expected, the liberal celebrities were outraged and kicked them off of the stage shouting, “Nazi’s out! Nazi’s out!” In what world is a woman who advocates for her safety considered a Nazi?

These women are a part of #120db, (named after 120-decibel volume rape alarms commonly sold in Germany) a movement which seeks to end the immigration nightmare and have honest conversations with people about race realism and the dangers of mass Muslim immigration. In a promotional video, they boldly speak out against the politicians who scoop Muslims into the country by the handful.  “Because of your immigration policies,, we are facing soon a majority of young men that come from archaic countries with no women’s rights. You knew that and you accepted it. You abandoned us. You sacrificed us.” All of these German leaders preach about feminism, and yet they do nothing for the disturbingly increasing amounts of women who get raped just while walking their streets. Their feminism is destroying lives. 

Peter Sweden on Gab posted about their activism, many agreeing that women in Germany and even in countries like Frace and Sweden need this type of movement that says no to immigrants who have evil intentions.

BREAKING: German protesting against migrant rapes just crashed the Berlin International Film Festival.

They brought huge banner to the stage with the words “The voices of the forgotten women”

They are part of the #120db movement and they call themselves “The Daughters Of Europa”

They were chased off the stage by celebrities with shouts of “Nazis out, Nazis out”

When you have a specific group of people whose religion tells them that it’s okay to rape women, why would you welcome them into your country? More importantly, why do their rights seem to triumph over the right of actual native-born citizens? Why are people favoring the worst kind of people to ever exist? Why are German leaders allowing these people to rape and kill their women? When these women in the #120db movement speak out against these injustices, they are called racists and Nazi’s, even by conservatives. Violence and rape of women and (sadly) children by the Muslim population have become so common that “anti-rape pants” are now available for women to purchase so that they can actually leave their house. But women in Germany don’t need special pants to protect them, they need this movement. I just hope that people start listening, the lives of these women and children depend on it.