Sadly, today will be our last day of publication. It’s possible that this site may revamp in the future, but with a vastly different direction that I just can’t bring myself to be a part of. That brings me to this point: Write down what you believe in.    

I heard Glenn Back say it on his show one time, it stuck with me. When I came into this job I had a basic set of principles, but because I was often given assignments, there were times where I’d put that aside in hopes of getting more views and praises from my coworkers. Several times I was asked to write about things that I didn’t know where true, but was encouraged to take the risk anyway. I justified it by saying, “well, in any normal job, you do things you don’t want to do all the time.” And I just kept on with it. Secretly, I would cringe whenever anyone suggested I do a “race realism” article. Some of them seemed racist, and honestly, I don’t believe that stuff, culture is more important to me than race. But because I wanted to keep my job, I decided to pay my dues; grin and bear it. 

All I ever wanted to do was write, and now finally I had the chance to get out of fast food and realize my dream. But it came at a price.

I knew I was a conservative but after all these different assignments and doing several diffrent angles, I had no clue what I even believed anymore. 

Due to a number of diffrent circumstances, ownership is changing and most of us will not be staying on the new site. But by the grace of God, I got a new writing gig; one where I don’t ever have to question if I’m doing the right thing or not. I’m also looking into other projects and working on a book, so you haven’t seen the last of me!   

As of now, I’m going to take a step back from the political world. Maybe I’ll come back, maybe I won’t, but I need to know what I believe in and stand by it no matter what. Otherwise, I’ll fall for anything; I’ll be no better than the mainstream media. 

I advise you to do the same. In a world addicted to outrage, take some time and reflect on your own beliefs. Are you really a feminist, or is that just what your friends believe? Are you really Alt-Right, or is that just something you stand by to be accepted into an internet crowd? Take some time and step away, politics is brutal, and you deserve to know what your core principles are. Know them and stand by them. I’m going for a fresh start, so should you. 

Thank you to all those who read my stories, donated, and offered me support. You guys have been amazing throughout this entire journey. Like I said, I’m moving on, not going away. You’ll see a little more love (not to be confused with tolerance) and a lot less outrage. If we are really going to fix this divided nation, we have to start coming together and stop fighting. Our rivals are the corrupt politicans and MSM, not the guy sitting next to us wearing a Social Justice Warrior T-shirt. I’ve learned some good lessons the hard way, and from now on I intend to work on bridging the divide. No more right v.s left, no more black v.s white. We are Americans, it’s time we fight for our unity.       


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