Image result for “Don’t apologize for being white.”“It’s hateful, it’s shameful!”

“I’m upset, I’m disappointed.”

“Police respond to this disturbing discovery.”

These were just some of the words used to describe copies of a sign that were placed around the Boston College campus over the weekend. A rational person would likely assume the fliers in question must have carried some highly offensive text or imagery on them to have garnered such a strong response. Sadly though, as a prime example of the continued Regressive Left led racial hysteria sweeping the country. The signs merely contained the slogan “I want you to love who you are. Don’t apologize for being white.” A message of self-love and self-respect, which somehow has police formally investigating this “hate crime” like it featured a legitimate call to violence.

The College and local authorities have rushed to condemn the poster which also featured an image of Uncle Sam on it along with the stated above words. With police now claiming they believe the signs to have been placed by a “White Supremacist” group, even though there is no indication any of the signs advocated for actual racial supremacy in the first place. Judge for yourself just how actually dangerous or offensive the sign in question really was in this local news video here below. 

Would any logical minded individual really argue the sign in question to be more inflammatory then most of the signs displayed at something like an Anti-Trump or Black Lives Matter rally? Certainly the likes of AntiFa often put up posters far more directly calling for violence then a poster stating “I want you to love yourself for you are” does. So why are the police only ever called in for cases like this?

If this same basic poster had ended with any color besides white, it would likely have never led to a formal police investigation, and the sign would just be standing in its same position currently. Why does it continue to be OK to state publicly, don’t apologize for being black but saying the reverse is instantly a hate crime. This hypocrisy and double standard either needs to stop, or these Social Justice Warrior types need to quit pretending and just openly admit their ideal utopia simply has no place for white people. 

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