A growing trend among liberal Jews (especially millennials) is to condemn their own Holy Land of Israel. “The rise of the Alt-Right and the rise of individuals in the States arguing for an ethnocracy here, has made young Jews question whether an ethnocracy, a Jewish ethnocracy in the Middle East, is morally sound because of how unpopular Trump is with the majority of young Jews in this country.” Said self-proclaimed comedian and activist Adam Friedland.

“What does Trump have to do with it though? He loves Israel.” Lana Lokteff pointed out on a segment of Red Ice TV which dealt with criticising the hypocrisy of liberal Jews. Adam Friedland and many other young liberal Jews like him are increasingly turning against all that Israel stands for simply due to the fact that Richard Spencer promoted the idea that if Israel can have an entire country dedicated to its people and its culture, then so can the U.S, and so can European countries. It is not hateful to say “I want an ethnostate” or “European countries should strictly be for Europeans.” Because if those were hateful statements, it would also be despicable to say, “Israel has the right to exist only for the Jew”. But evidently, liberal Jews would tell you that this very statement is racist and that Israel should have open borders.

Do these American Jews not know what’s going on in their own country? Enemies surround them from left and right, and yet they should allow them to have a place among their people? If these young Jews are seriously advocating for this, they should do it. They would quickly realize their mistake, rebuild their walls, (which we as American would not fund, they would have made the mistake of tearing down the first wall that we funded) and return to life as a country occupied only by their own kind.

If you look at Adam Friedland’s “political commentary” on Twitter, you will soon come to the conclusion that as an activist or a comedian, he has no legitimacy at all. “Brilliant” and “classy” commentary such as these can be found on his page:

“Barron had to stay home because he’s afraid of the clapping.”

“Ted crus is looking like a snack.”

“Honestly, it’d be pretty cool if trump faked his own suicide and then spied on the funeral to see if people were sad. He’d earn my respect that’s for damn sure.”

“Hey warriors! I’m gaaaaaaaayyyy” 

People are finally starting to realize how ridiculous and unsound the opinions of liberal Jews truly are. Their antics in Hollywood and Washington smudge the name of any normal Jew who just wants to live their life in peace. Naming the Jew is no longer a taboo, it is the means necessary in which to create a better society.