“You’re the Violent and Hateful Ones”: Twitter Slams the Organization That Shut Down Richard Spencer’s Website


The news came down on Thursday that the ironically named “Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law” had been successful in getting the company Go Daddy to take AltRight.com off the internet.

The president and executive director of the organization, Kristen Clarke, Tweeted:

“BREAKING: We shut down Richard Spencer’s Altright website. We will continue using every tool in our arsenal to confront white supremacists, the alt-right & those who incite violence and hate in our country. We applaud @GoDaddy for heeding our call and pulling the site.”


The move was immediately condemned by  many for the shut down of free speech, the tone of fascism used and the smug irony that a group that fights for civil rights would shut down someone else’s right to speak in the public square.

Regardless of your personal beliefs..[this] should terrify you, wrote one person.

“You are horrible people”, the account for the Twitter alternative, Gab, said.

Kristen Clarke, the woman doing the victory lap around the event, is a lecturer in law at Columbia University School of Law. The daughter of Jamaican immigrants she is a Huffington Post contributor and a frequent guest of the far-left program, Democracy Now.

She is also the author of “Barack Obama and African American Empowerment: The Rise of Black America’s New Leadership.” Which begs the question, how is her race based writing any different than Spencer’s?

Her critics didn’t pull any punches.


Vincent James from the popular Paleo Conservative Youtube channel Red Elephants  jumped in the with statistics on who is actually causing the crime and violence in America.


Many were quick to point out the obvious hypocrisy in a civil rights organization cherry-picking cases to highlight and pursue based on race.


Even people who aren’t fans of Richard Spencer couldn’t understand the logic behind the group’s decision.  

Edwin Duterte, a candidate for California’s 43rd District said…


As always some racist trolls did show up in the comment section, except they were there to be racist to white people.


According to their website, the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law is “dedicated to supporting and advancing diversity within its workforce and board. Because of [their] commitment to diversity..”

They seek to, “…secure equal justice for all through the rule of law,” but then they go on to state, even though they profess to seek right for all people, that they are, “… targeting, in particular, the inequities confronting African Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities.” In other words, no white men need apply.

No, literally their hiring page says the following: “We strongly encourage candidates of color and candidates from underrepresented communities to apply.”

And all of this “equality” comes with a nice 501(c)(3) organization tax exemption, just like a church or homeless shelter!

A closer look at Ms. Clarke’s timeline however, shows an organization which seems to be more focused on obsessively calling every act of violence committed by a white person “racially motivated” including things like the Oklahoma City bombing and the recent Waffle House shooting.


The organization spends a vast amount of time and resources trying to legalize marijuana, take away gun rights, lower the voting age (yes, you read that right) and racistly destroying every scrap of Southern heritage it can get its claws into.

All the while, after an exhaustive search of their Twitter and website I could find no mention of the civil rights of people killed by illegals aliens or criminal gangs. No cases regarding the Black Lives Matter member who killed five police officers in Dallas.

Shockingly I could find no civil rights representation for anyone who had been violently beaten in the streets by the domestic terrorist organization Antifa who, by the way, holds the same views and values as the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law.