YouTube personality Styxhexenhammer666 recently announced a serious run for Governor in the Vermont elections. The video announcing his run was taken down, and it wasn’t because trolls were invading.

Technically, Tarl Warwick (his real name) runs the risk of being charged with a felony if he “officially” runs. That means signing the right papers, participating in debates, etc. This is all because he’s received foreign donations, and in his state, that’s a problem. Tarl Warwick said in the description of his explanation video: 

“I receive money from foreign sources in the direct, crowdfunded sense. This may prevent me from running legally, and even if not, would surely become a major issue my opponents could exploit in an increasingly strange political atmosphere. Regardless, half my income would probably have to be sacrificed if I file officially. Thus this campaign is now an anti-establishment movement. Since it will boil down to Phil Scott versus a generic DNC backed democrat, write in Tarl Warwick.” 

So while the “official” campaign may not be happening, he is still running and he encourages those who can vote to write in his name. He said on Twitter:

“Because of campaign finance law,s I’d probably be committing a felony by having taken foreign donations if I filed off a consent of candidate form and officiated my gubernatorial run. It has to remain write-in only!”

Jared Holt, a liberal journalist who often criticizes right-wing news, took to Twitter as soon as the announcement was made and boasted in the fact that Warwick wasn’t going to be on the official ballot. 

Warwick responded with:

“That was fast; I imagine Holt was quite elated. But unlike him, I don’t enjoy the idea of seeing how close I can get to violating a law without being sued.”

Styxhexenhammer666 and his fans are still exciting about the race, however, with supporters making posters and putting them on Twitter.

If you would still like to support Tarl Warwick’s work, you can click here and donate to his Patreon. If you live in Vermont, write his name down! This world needs more people in political power that want to make an actual change as opposed to furthering their own agenda.