An Orchestrated Civil War 2 Can Be Avoided

A buddy of mine in the military recently confided in me that they are training for a domestic war. He called it an imminent civil war.

This is unfolding now as we just witnessed in Charlottesville.

Me Racist? The Only Race I Hate is the One You Have to RunRacism has existed for as long as we can remember from all sides. We judge each other and hate each other purely for genetic reasons, assuming the worst.

Our subconscious has either formed our beliefs over the media and education we are exposed to, or from personal experience. Someone from another variation of human has acted out against us aggressively and the survival instinct within our brains kicks in, programming us to avoid future conflict.

Why are we like this towards each other?

In order to understand why we hate each other, we need to understand how we function, and who engineered this hate.

Racism is the Separation Tactic

So You Mean to Tell Me War on DrugsPower has been the driving force of history for as long as we have been keeping track. The people who truly rule over us have done so for countless generations, keeping their name and bloodlines intact. The elite of old simply did not go away, they evolved and dramatically expanded their wealth. 

These are the people who own the privately-owned Federal Reserve, as well as all of the global central banks.

They have funded both sides of every war since the French Revolution. 

This is not a conspiracy theory, this is very easy to research. They have disappeared into the background so you do not notice them.

Illusion has become their weapon of choice. Much easier to rule a subservient mass vs a well researched intelligent foe capable of mounting an effective resistance.

The separation tactic involves creating two opposing sides that see one another as enemies. They attack and focus on each other while falling blind to the strings being pulled above them.

It can be seen everywhere. Black vs White, Muslim vs Christian, Democrat vs Republican, Man vs Woman, … God vs Satan

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We Are Emotional Creatures … Men Included

Generations of men have been taught that giving in to your emotions makes you weak or gay. If you do not participate in sports, if you are more creative or intelligent, you initially become a target. Growing up male, might makes right.

Instead of learning to understand our emotions, we shove them down and hope they go away, festering until it manifests in ugly and horrible ways. 

Abuse victims get abused by people that grew up suffering similar horrors or that did not deal properly with their trauma.

Give it several hundred years and it spreads like poison. 

Women are thrown onto the opposite end of the spectrum. They are taught to assume all of their decision making and behavior is based off of emotion that they have very little control over.

They are constantly being judged as being crazy.

We are misdirected from our true power as humans. 

Emotion = energy in motion. To understand your emotions, to harness them and control them is the opposite of weakness.

This is what the concept of chi is in martial arts.

Lion King We Do Not See Things as They AreIn mastering emotion, one no longer suffer from stress, fear or anxiety.

This is what makes us controllable – fear.

Regaining control of your emotions can be achieved through self awareness. It is amazing how time seems to slow, memory drastically improves, details stand out, and most importantly the world becomes beautiful and exciting.

Self awareness will cause your brain to repair itself and grow.

Emotions Are Wavelengths

Related imageHatred serves no purpose. It operates on a lower frequency and affects your DNA in a negative way. Notice healthier people tend to be happier people.

Fear makes you physically ill and it lowers your IQ.

More of your DNA connects the more it is exposed to positive emotions.

If we want to evolve as a species, raising our frequency is the only way. 

This engineered race war serves to keep those in power the throne while pushing us further into serfdom. 

We Can Break the Shackles

Art Depicting the True Ruling EliteAsk yourself, why do you really hate someone else … or someone that believes differently?

Is it because you see something about yourself that you hate and instead are reflecting it onto them? You would be surprised how that is almost always the case. 

Maybe that person was taught to hate you the same way you learned to hate them, which is really from no where. 

I do not know about you, but I am ready for a society that focuses on creativity, utilizes free energy that creates unlimited resources with no damaging residue. A society that is free of the burden of debt and an indoctrinating education system, where our children can truly explore their gifts instead of sitting in a desk for hours a day.

If you had no bills, what would you do?

All of this is absolutely possible, we just each have to be the bigger person and realize that hatred is useless and that we really don’t need useless paper to be our money. 

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