Brilliant connection of dots by Truthstream Media that further illustrates the hyper sexualization that is taking place within our media, which ties directly to Agenda 21.  This is a plan laid out in plain sight for the public to read that shows how United Nations plans to reduce and regulate human population.

Bill Nye is absolutely helping to push this agenda, and I absolutely hate to say this because I grew up watching him … he is one of my idols … but he is bought and paid for, and has succumbed to the whim of those who pull the strings.

Let us examine his latest and most infamous episode where he has one of his Indian writers demonize white people for attempting to embrace sacred geometry and yoga. He makes the accusation that sound therapy has nothing to do with Buddhism or Hinduism, and he refers to white people as lululemons.


Hearing this makes me think of this meme:

Image result for bill nye meme wind is a finite source

This was pretty much the exact same face I made.

Bill Nye is attacking people for attempting to better themselves. So what if we do not fully embrace the history and symbolism behind the various yoga practices. Yoga was designed to allow you to evolve through a very intimate form of physical meditation. Yes there are forms already in existence that get very deep, but it is also about your own personal exploration.

What is the alternative, sitting on your couch eating donuts watching your inaccurate and demoralizing show?

Buddhism and Hinduism do not utilize sound therapy? Their entire foundation is built upon the understanding of sound to reach enlightenment. The world is after all, nothing but light and sound.

From the Vedas of the Hindu tradition:

“In the beginning was Brahman with whom was the Word. And the Word is Brahman.”

Sounds like sound is kind of important in Hinduism.

And Lululemon. Why that word?

It comes from the name of a corporation of an athleticwear brand, in which former CEO Chip Wilson, an avid yoga fanatic, has said he came up with the idea because it delighted him that asians could not pronounce the syllable “L”.


Lu also has a much deeper meaning. It refers to one of the founding families of the Xia dynasty. Its character, in Chinese, has grown to become known as “foolish” or “rude”. 

So in this sense, he is calling white people foolish/rude demons. 

Within mathematics, lu stands for ‘lower upper’ and refers to matrix decomposition.

As above, so below.


Interesting that one of the founding cities of Chinese culture, Lu, is named with a syllable Asians have difficulty pronouncing. 

So in a very deep way, Bill Nye calls white people that attempt to understand sound therapy and practice yoga: demons that spawned from Lucifer.

Good thing he is here to save the world.