Texans are reeling from the destruction of Hurricane Harvey, but they are also busy at work rescuing people and animals who are stranded or in need of help. In spite of all the aid offered through the Red Cross or FEMA, it never seems to be enough. The shortcomings are not as bad as mismanagement of funds and resources.

What good are organizations like FEMA or the Red Cross if they misuse donations and resources meant to help people in need?

For instance, there is the scandal with their 9/11 fundraising efforts.
After the 9/11 disaster people united to raise $530 million, the American Red Cross decided to put over $200 million of that money into long-term goals or administrative costs.

Only $40 million of the $530 million was distributed to families of victims. Donors thought the money donated was going straight to families, but more than 6 weeks after the disaster, thousands of families affected had not received any help from American Red Cross. The American Red Cross used this money to enrich their organization, instead of help people.

And speaking of hurricanes, remember Hurricane Katrina? Katrina was one of the most devastating hurricanes in American history. The Red Cross took donations to the tune of $1.2B, but only disbursed $200k.

“During the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, there were 49 people indicted on accounts of theft from the American Red Cross. It was said that 14 of those had filed false claims for money which, which six had pleaded guilty. There was at least $200,000 taken from the fund and the total could be more as the investigation continues. Even though none of these people indicted worked directly for American Red Cross, they were still very involved with the non-profit organization. The interim President of the ARC says the $200,000 is a small percentage of the $1.4 billion donated. “

When it comes to Haiti, it seems even the Clinton Foundation of all non-profits was more help than the Red Cross.

“Remember the $500 million in possession of the Red Cross? They promised and claimed to have completed the building of 130,000 homes for Haitians. Of the 6,000 that were actually built, the Red Cross built precisely … 6 of them. To reiterate; the Red Cross built 6 homes with half a billion dollars at their disposal. The missing 129,994 homes weren’t built because, reportedly, they had problems with getting land development permits. Remember, the corrupt Clintons managed to build 6,000 homes.

It’s pretty sad when one of the most corrupt and two-faced political families is more generous than your non-profit, but maybe this is being too hard on the Red Cross.

They didn’t have billions of dollars and the political savvy to grease local Haitian politicians to get those permits. Even in most cities in the US, it is standard practice to make a $5k donation to have lunch with the Mayor or influential City Council members.

In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, Haitian relief organizers even specifically mentioned NOT to donate funds to the Red Cross.

NOOR: With more than 350,000 in need, some are calling for donations to local organizations and not the Red Cross, invoking the shocking 2015 expose that found that despite raising half a billion dollars after the devastating 2010 earthquake that killed over 220,000 people. The red cross claimed it built some 135,000 shelters, but an investigation found it only built six permanent homes.”

There should be no excuse for any mismanagement of funds at this point for an organization such as the Red Cross. How many disasters does it take to learn how to respond to a disaster? If it takes more than one, you may have a problem.

It has not performed to its best ability and let down those in need of help, as well as those who contributed precious funds to help others.

Unfortunately, the Red Cross won’t simply go away, and it has brand awareness, strong enough to siphon donations from hard working Americans, to stuff their pockets and fund their lavish lifestyles. It doesn’t operate for profit, so it won’t go bankrupt unless enough people stop giving them their money.

If you would like to donate to help those in Texas, here’s a helpful list of reputable charities.