Sorry Feminists, Psychology Study Debunks Microaggressions


Perspectives on Psychological Science published a study in January 2017. It concludes there is negligible evidence that “microaggressions” actually exist. The term microaggression is a favorite among feminists who claim that men naturally “period shame,” “slut shame,” and put down women through their patterns of speech. Feminists also use microaggressions to claim that all of society is inherently misogynist.

Feminist magazines like Bustle and Everyday Feminism have promoted microaggressions as proof that women are victimized everyday by oppressive men. Unfortunately for them, their theory was just put to “shame.”

Author of the study, , recommended that the term “microaggression” be abandoned and called for a moratorium on “microaggression training programs,” which are focused on correcting the “supremacy” of whites and men.

Lilienfeld studied five different suppositions of microaggression:

(1) are operationalized with sufficient clarity and consensus to afford rigorous scientific investigation;

(2) are interpreted negatively by most or all minority group members;

(3) reflect implicitly prejudicial and implicitly aggressive motives;

(4) can be validly assessed using only respondents’ subjective reports; and

(5) exert an adverse impact on recipients’ mental health.

However, Lilienfeld concluded: “A review of the literature reveals negligible support for all five suppositions.”

Sorry feminists and SJWs. You’ve been scientifically debunked.