Activists Hold Nude Queer Dance Party in Front of Ivanka Trump’s Home (NSFW)

queer dance party
Original photo by Ashley Rae Goldberg
queer dance party
Original photo by Ashley Rae Goldenberg at the queer dance party

(Warning, this post contains editorial nudity of bare-chested lesbians at a “queer dance party.” Viewer discretion is advised.)

President Trump is the most gay-friendly president to ever be elected in American history. He has stated repeatedly that he has no interest in reversing the Supreme Court’s decision to federally legalize gay marriage.

Contrarily, until quite recently, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton were both against same-sex marriages. But the lying media likes to sweep that one under the rug.

The perpetual victims on the left have concocted an alternative reality in which the President, and now, by extension, his family are somehow enemies of their cause. Because of this, it is becoming increasingly unclear what their “cause” was in the first place.

The trouble with the left is that they never actually want what they demand. They will say they want fairness when all they really want is control and attention. In this manner, they are like spoiled and unruly children who have been neglected to their own devices. No matter how apparently level society becomes, the left will inevitably fight (and cry) for more.

Their appetite is unquenchable. Especially the feminists.

Imagine a blabbering and blubbering mess of pink-haired, topless lesbians and slender twinks in hot-pants dancing around in protest. What are they protesting? It is entirely unclear. But protest they did. This time it was a “queer dance party.”

Right outside of Ivanka Trump’s home.

On April 1st, dozens of gay activists gathered around the first daughter and her husband Jared Kushner’s Washington D.C. home. Ashley Rae Goldenberg at MRCTV went undercover to document the event.

Ashley released a portion of her coverage of the event.

The queer dance party gets started:

Cue incoherent rabble-rousing.

This protestor struggled to commit. Probably for her own good.

See Ashley Rae’s Twitter feed for further updates.

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Can you shed any light on this? What are these people protesting? Please share in the comment section below, because we struggle to make any sense of this.

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