Reality Check:

At the quantum level, the particles that make up the atom are pure light and sound, therefore matter at its core is light vibrating at a specific frequency. These particles communicate just like your web browser, flashing on and off to generate energy codes that then tell the atom how to structure itself.

Our reality is a digital simulation, plain and simple. Everything we know about our history, everything that is built upon this planet, every species that has evolved over the supposed past 4.5 billion years, has done so within the digital simulation.

Therefore, all things are possible because nothing is real.

The point of singularity has already occurred. There is no discernible difference between biological and mechanical, other than the code being vibrated out of the core of atoms; the frequency that generates matter.

Your body, therefore, is a machine … and we are possibly living in the world created by the first point of singularity: 

Lucifer, also known as the ‘light bearer’. 

“The greatest trick the devil ever pulled, was convincing the world that he did not exist.”

– The Usual Suspects

Let us Begin:

All things in this reality rely upon our neural connections. They in turn alter thought, which alters the creation of reality. The atoms of the bed you are sleeping in never actually come in to contact with the atoms of your body. It is your brain that is simulating the sensation of touch. Technically your brain could be floating in a box thinking it was walking around in a human body because of the electrical signals it is receiving. It is the interface that dictates the creation of your body.  

Your brain waves therefore sculpt your reality, consciously or subconsciously is your decision.

Every single person is capable of accomplishing any task they set their mind to. All things are possible to everyone! Virtually any skill or talent you wish to possess can be obtained.

Do not ever doubt yourself. There are countless stories of people who were terrible at tasks, such as math, who figured out how to alter their neurology, to become masters of their desired craft.

Every second of every day, your brain is evolving and sculpting itself to improve at whatever it is doing at that moment. It is always trying to make you better at whatever task you assign it.

The particles that make up atoms are self-conscious. That means the computer or phone you are reading this on, is, at the quantum level, aware, and you can tap in to that awareness, ultimately affecting your reality. 

The failure to recognize consciousness is exactly why western science fails:

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Max Planck is considered to be the father of quantum physics, has won a Nobel Prize in physics, and has a leading physics lab built in his honor. He is the one to first coin the term “The Matrix.”

Now that we understand everything is digital, we can now truly piece together the puzzle.

Know Your Environment:

The first step to true human evolution is to recognize you are constantly being attacked, on all fronts, to purposely numb and dumb you down, by the corporations that rule this planet.

They do not want you thinking, they want you to irrationally feel and respond in fear. They want your subconscious to remain elusive and in control.

They know what is possible, and they do not want you knowing.

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It’s in the Water:

Sodium Fluoride that exists in your tap water, toothpaste and mouthwash, has been proven several times over by Harvard to dramatically lower IQ. It was first used by the Nazi’s to weaken their prisoner’s mental capabilities and lower their chances of resistance.

Of all the things the government wants to help you with and force you to take is a chemical that aids in dental care? Why not cancer?

And no, sodium fluoride is not a naturally occurring substance. That is calcium fluoride, and they are drastically different. 

It’s in the Air:

Wifi towers are everywhere. The frequency of wifi is disruptive to DNA sequencing. There are 5 billion cell phones in circulation that we constantly carry in our pockets, and hold against our ears at least once per day. The wavelength being transmitted that allows for you to talk to people across the globe is essentially microwaving your brain.

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This is why migratory bird species are drastically dropping in population, and we are losing new ones every day to extinction. They rely on electromagnetic frequencies to navigate and wifi disrupts that in a very negative way.

The skies are being sprayed with heavy metals, primarily aluminum. The link I just provided is as concrete as evidence can get. Google geo-engineering and you can find all the other evidence you need. It is advertised as a tactic to combat climate change by reflecting the sun back at itself. Its real purpose is to weaken you mentally and physically, while simultaneously developing weaponized weather capabilities.

“There is good evidence that the main particulate matter being sprayed into the troposphere worldwide is coal fly ash, the light ash from coal combustion by electric power companies that is considered to be too toxic to be allowed to exit smokestacks in Western nations.”

 Geoscientist J. Marvin Herndon, PhD, of the Transdyne Corporation

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This is why neurological diseases across the board are sky rocketing every year. All of a sudden, everyone seems to be getting sick all the time; everyone now has allergies, headaches, horrible reactions to simple every day items.

A more metallic sky also allows for experimentation in electromagnetic frequency weaponry.

The path and intensity of Hurricane Katrina was altered by the U.S. Air Force. Check out the analysis of these NASA satellite images:

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natural healing

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To me, nothing epitomizes the blindness of our society more than chemtrails. The fact that they can spray straight lines in our faces and convince us they do not exist or have no effect on the environment is hilarious. 

Think about it from the perspective of a government, as if it were a corporate entity … think hard.

Your objective is expansion, as well as generating profit for shareholders, such as NASA or the CIA. These are in fact private organizations, in which the U.S. Government is the majority shareholder.

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You are dependent upon the citizens that inhabit your lands in order to generate taxes that pay the interest to the privately owned banks that supply you with needed cash. It is much easier to accomplish your objectives with weak-minded, subservient debt slaves rather than intelligent, free-thinking opponents capable of mounting an effective resistance.

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What better way to weaken your opponent than with weather. Moving on …

It’s in the Food:

When you walk into a grocery store, 80% of everything you see connects to Monsanto, and therefore connects to Bayer and Pfizer. Your food has been altered to be primarily comprised of sugar and chemicals. It no longer has any real nutritional value.

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The Fukashima Nuclear Power plant in Japan has been leaking an estimated 300 tons of radioactive water into the Pacific Ocean since 2011.

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Remember the coral reef?

It is nearly extinct

Polar bears in Alaska are showing signs of radioactive poisoning

natural healingThe meat you consume comes from animals that are fed genetically modified soy, pumped full of antibiotics and chemicals to combat their tumors, cancer and infections from eating the wrong food and being abused in ways that surpass any human holocaust.

The movie “Texas Chainsaw Massacre,” was made to symbolize the meat and dairy industry.

The emotions these animals feel alters their DNA.

Everything is light and sound. Emotion (energy in motion) is a frequency that can be observed. It makes sense that sound can have an effect on how DNA structures itself. Ever notice how happier people tend to be healthier people?

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You are not only consuming a variety of toxins in meat, you are digesting their fear. Call it pseudoscience, I call it physics. These are frequencies that can be measured. 

Rates of cardiovascular diseases, cancer, obesity sky rocket year after year. You are lied to about why food could be doing this, instead manipulated into believing it is the fat, or the gluten, or the cholesterol, or the calories … never the sugar or chemicals … or emotions

Notice how on nutritional labels everything has a daily percentage except sugar?

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Real science now exists that confirms genetically modified foods are not healthy for human consumption. The pesticides they are soaked in are derived from a chemical weapon developed by Monsanto and used in Vietnam known as Agent Orange. Glyphosate, a.k.a. Round Up, and Agent Orange are exactly the same thing.

Monsanto was originally a chemical weapons company that had to evolve to stay in business, and they have teamed up with pharmaceutical companies. Together they have taken control of food, medicine, education, and our government. They helped to engineer fake news and have flooded the internet with nonsense to keep you in the second guessing.


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(Slightly Outdated)

natural healingNotice how, generally speaking, a doctor’s visit always ends up with you leaving with a prescription pill of some kind?

Open up the textbooks where your average doctor is receiving their education, and you can trace their publishers to a bank, pharmaceutical company, or the Rockefeller Foundation.

We are living in a society designed to dumb you down, fatten you up, make you weak and sick, become dependent upon as many prescription pills as possible, and hopefully be dead before you can collect on social security.

In terms of physics, we are living in a haze of distortions and muddled frequencies. A cobweb of fear. All of it designed to confuse us as to what we truly are.

The most effective strategy to human health mastery, therefore, is in a mind, body, spirit approach designed to combat this hostile environment and allow for maximum evolution.

Conquering the Physical (Body):

natural healingDo not think of it as food, think of it as fuel … rebuilding material.

The human body is comprised of 37.2 trillion atoms, 8 million of these die every second. They are rebuilt and replaced using solely what you eat, breathe, and drink.

Every 6 weeks, you have an entirely different set of lungs, completely rebuilt off of the material you provided it.

Every 10 days, a new tongue.

Every human adult has an entirely new body every 3 – 7 years. A child can replace itself multiple times per year.

It’s Time to Pay Attention to What you Consume. 

Filter your water and drink a lot of it. I consume between 1 and 2 gallons per day. Reverse Osmosis is a preferable treatment method to removing fluoride, but whatever you do, make sure the fluoride is out.

Avoid plastic water bottles. Focus on using BPA-free containers.

Begin to structurize your water. The special forces of our military utilize this technique.

Water is capable of detecting all frequencies, thus including your thoughts and emotions. It absolutely adapts to the frequencies it is exposed to. Positive emotions operate on higher, stronger frequencies, thus improving the overall health of your DNA.

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Add apple cider vinegar to your water. It is the ultimate alkaline substance. I have become addicted to the taste, water to me is not the same without it. 

This is absolutely key because cancer and disease cannot exist in an alkaline environment. This is what pharmaceutical companies fight so desperately to hide.

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It is that simple to combat cancer and disease. They thrive on acidity and perish under alkalinity. Therefore a mastery in understanding all foods from this angle, how to obtain a balance between alkalinity and acidity, as well as understanding the characteristics of the three basic food groups: protein, fat, and carbohydrates, is how you properly balance your diet.

Keep it as low as possible on sugar, consuming about 10 – 15% carbohydrates and sugar combined max per day.

Your body processes carbohydrates the same way as sugar. Preferably you want to eat this in the form of fruit along with the fiber. The fiber causes your body to digest the sugar in fruit very differently.

Protein should be around 20%. Plant protein is preferable because it is the closest to the energy of the sun. Simply put, meat is dead energy. It is processed sunlight. The closer you get to consuming pure sunlight, the healthier the energy and more powerful the nutritional value.

All things light and sound, remember? The higher the frequency, the more evolved the particle. This is the frequency of our sun. This is what you want to fuel your biological machine with:

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Research from NASA demonstrates the validity of “sun gazing,” a technique involving the absorption of sun.

The ancients knew about it:

natural healing

It is not that meat is a better source of protein, it is that it is a complete protein, providing all 9 of the 20 essential amino acids necessary for DNA to reproduce.

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This is very easy to do using just plants. It really is just simple addition. Quinoa for example is a complete protein. Rice and beans, combined, are a complete protein.

The majority of your diet should be fat, healthy fats, such as nuts, avocados, healthy oils like coconut, sesame (not canola, it has no nutrition; never cook with olive oil, most of it is fake).

All of your veins and arteries are coated in fat, every neurological pathway in your brain utilizes fat to function.

You are mostly FAT.

Eat all the greens you can. They combat the heavy metals you are exposed to the most effectively, and contain pretty much all the protein you need.

One of the most accurate and efficient diets I have read about belongs to Tom Brady.

Begin to Understand Sound:

Invest in organite. This is best described as a combination of metals and crystals, developed by a Nazi scientist. It is a device that scrubs frequencies, essentially neutralizing them, for example fear, or chemtrails.

It is like a sound shield, that also repels heavy metals. 

Listen to tones, for example before bed, when you are concentrating, or when you meditate.

The human brain operates under 5 different frequency states at all times:

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natural healing


All sound has an impact, regardless of whether you can detect it, your subconscious always can.

TV advertisers know this already. They broadcast hidden images and frequencies within commercials, shows, and movies that alter your subconscious. Once again you have the Nazis to thank for this tactic.

Meditation is the next step towards mind and spirit development. It has shown to cause the gray matter of your brain to grow.

Mastery of the Mind (Thoughts and Emotions):

Mastery of the mind requires understanding what thoughts and emotions are yours. What you are actually thinking and feeling, not what your brain is attempting to deceive you into believing is the product of your actual consciousness.

Those that experience near death often describe a freedom from the overwhelming flood and burden of thought and emotion, more of a clarity.

It is the human body that is designed to overwhelm you with thought and emotion, in order to cloud your overall judgement and connection to yourself.

As humans we are, after all, genetically modified.

The subconscious is the foundation of your beliefs. It can detect every frequency in your environment, and it shapes your belief system to survive what it detects.

Chemical reactions take place in your brain based upon words and emotions that surround you, i.e. sound. The brain reacts in the way it has learned best increases its chances of survival based upon your past experiences.

natural healingWhen you are confronted with a difference of opinion, or if you feel as if your belief system is under attack, a chemical called norpinephrine is released that triggers a physical defensive state, a survival tactic, because the brain is designed to survive in every circumstance at all costs. 

In order to obtain mastery of the mind, you must achieve self awareness. Every thought and emotion needs to be understood and diagnosed. You become aware of what is really you and what is the brain.

Become the master of your emotions.

The true tactic to self awareness, which directly connects to spirit mastery, is meditation.

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Let us Venture Down the Rabbit Hole, and Thus Achieve (Spirit)ual Understanding:

Quick recap:

  • Frequencies affect the state of your brain.
  • Meditation causes the brain to grow larger.
  • Awareness of thought and emotion rely upon meditation. This in turn affects decision making, and overall health.
  • Your thoughts create your reality.
  • Some of the most brilliant minds of all time recognize the existence of consciousness in all things.

You are a fragment of consciousness. A soul, trapped within the human body. Our initial starting point to reclaiming our freedom resides within the Pineal Gland, or as Descartes described it, “the seat of the soul.” 

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natural healing

natural healing

Fluoride, heavy metals, so many of the chemicals you consume specifically target this gland. You must free it and decalcify it in order to begin to truly see. 

Meditation exists in many forms. It is simply put a quieting of the mind, a release of thought and emotion, that can be practiced anywhere, anytime.

Dealing With the Fear Based Shield You Will Soon Encounter:

As you begin to open up the Pineal Gland and achieve self awareness, you will begin to widen your perception of light and sound.

A fear based shield exists. I liken it to the Gestapo of the dimensional world, a fear based police force, designed to scare the crap out of you, so you stop what you are doing and go no further.

Those who are born with a wider frequency perception are initially targeted. They usually attract life long parasites that alter their polarity to that of negativity to keep them grounded.  

The paranormal is compromised of thought forms and software programs, plain and simple, and they, once again, are made up of pure light and sound. They respond directly to your emotional output, thriving off of fear based emotions, shrinking in the presence of love. 

natural healing

You are a fragment of consciousness, and therefore that which is infinite, placed within a biologically designed machine to keep you confused so you generate fear based emotional energy to feed a higher being

The irony here is, if you are a fragment of what some consider to be God, then all things fear based are actually afraid of you. 

“Have you ever stood and stared at it, marveled at its beauty, its genius?”

                                                        – Agent Smith, “the Matrix”

“In the moment when I truly understand my enemy, understand him well enough to defeat him, then in that very moment I also love him. I think it’s impossible to really understand somebody, what they want, what they believe, and not love them the way they love themselves. And then, in that very moment when I love them …

“You beat them.”

– Orson Scott Card, author of Ender’s Game