Finally: Trump and Putin to Meet (Maybe)

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Trump and Putin

Dmitry Peskov: Trump and Putin should “meet each other and exchange views”

The political establishment is about to realize their greatest fear. A Vladimir Putin surrogate says that Trump and Putin should meet in order to “exchange views” and to help build a relationship between the USA and Russia.

The establishment may have to say goodbye to their dreams of another World War.

Using their skills to develop bogeymen out of thin air, the political establishment has, through their media lapdogs, aggressively perpetuated a bizarre conspiracy theory regarding Trump and Putin.

The conspiracy theory does not possess a cohesive narrative, but it always contains some vague notion about President Trump or his team having some sort of questionable involvement with the Russian government. But they never state what is the problem with Russia in the first place.

Many have argued that Vladimir Putin is a sinister figure who suppresses journalists and political dissidents and who is apparently hellbent on stealing all of Eastern Europe. Few would argue that Putin’s behaviors have been questionable, if not sinister. But, as Trump argues, the Russian government is not the only one guilty of ever doing wrong.

America’s own government has faced reliable accusations against its own corruption, cronyism, war-mongering, and the like. Furthermore, many other American allies are involved in their own wrong-doing.

Additionally, the Democrats have a long track record of their own precarious involvements with the Russian government.

What the media has done is manufactured an inflated societal fear of Russia reminiscent of the Red Scare. It appears that they have done this for the express purpose of delegitimizing President Trump and taking the heat off of their own exposed corruptions.

They are also in favor of war. They seem to provoke tensions with Russia to promote World War.

The political establishment is crooked. The lying media works on their behalf. They are the enemy of any populist activity. Trump has come along to benefit the working class and to cease the meaningless wars of the working class.

Through his own intel and a multitude of leaks, the establishment has been continually exposed. To offset this embarrassment and to hopefully avoid penal consequence, they continue to promote a completely unproven theory.

It is maddening.

The Washington Examiner reports that Putin surrogate Dmitry Peskov has suggested that Trump and Putin “should ‘meet each other and exchange views’ in order to build a relationship between the two nations.”

Any reasonable person would desire a strong diplomatic relationship between these two nuclear superpowers. The group-thinkers of the left seem to find this totally anathema.

President Trump is yet to comment on the informal invitation, but he has recently turned up the heat on his castigation of the media for furthering their fake news regarding their conspiracy theory.

While the political establishment furthers their dissent into lunacy, the rest of us will look expectantly to America’s enhanced relationships with Russia and the world.