The press in Germany is abuzz with the news that police are reporting they have recently seized thousands of tablets of the popular party drug ecstasy.  While a drug bust is all too common and not normally anything to write home about, this one was a little more unique.  As every one of the confiscated contraband pills was shaped like a miniature portrait of the President himself.  Complete with his trademark orange tint, these pills even had the words TRUMP printed on the back beneath some all American stars.

The police seizure took in what would normally amount to around $47,000 of the pills, but I think we can all agree it was likely a bit higher than that, since clearly these Trump loving German druggies were going to be paying a premium for a high delivered by their favorite American president.  It’s believed that the drugs were planned to be sold online, under the tag line “Trump makes partying great again.

The carriers who were caught trying to sneak the drug into the country from the Netherlands are a 51 year old man and his 17 year old son.  Beyond the drugs the pair were also found to be in possession of a large pile of cash money.  Both men are now in custody.  


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