Pedophile David Tippens’ Charges Dropped to Prevent Release of Wikileaks Documents


david tippens

To Avoid Declassifying Already Public Wikileaks Documents, the DOJ Drops Two Child Pornography Charges Against David Tippens

In their Vault 7 release, Wikileaks reveals the many cyber strategies of the U.S. Government. The findings in these public but classified documents proved potentially helpful in the trial of pedophile David Tippens. The problem is, the DOJ has blocked these documents from legal use.

They would not allow the defense to use the Wikileaks findings in the trial, because doing so would expose already public, classified documents. The result? They dropped charges against a certified pedophile.

In the spring of 2015, the FBI commandeered a deep website known as “Playpen.” Through the website, users distributed graphic pornography involving the exhibition, rape, and sodomization of children. 

The FBI kept the site running for two weeks in order to trace and track the monsters using the website. One such user was David Tippens. Federal agents arrested him in his home in February of 2016. He was actively watching child porn on his large television screen at the time of his arrest.

Prior to the release of the Wikileaks documents, it was unclear how the government agents could have accurately tracked the users downloading and distributing on Playpen. To bring light to the matter, the defendant sought to exhibit the Wikileaks findings.

arsTECHNICA reports:

During trial, prosecutors acknowledged that the material the defense wished to present was classified and that the materials therefore should be excluded. Because of that declaration, and the inability to present classified material that may possibly be helpful to the defense, the defense asked the judge to dismiss Counts 1 (receipt of child pornography) and 3 (transportation of child pornography).”

Allow me to repeat myself here. The prosecution prevented the legal use of ALREADY PUBLIC documents. They claimed this was a reasonable thing to do because they were technically “classified.”

David Tippens has demonstrably received and transported pornography depicting the rape of children. The Wikileaks documents reveal how the feds discovered his (and many others’) involvement. Nevertheless, the prosecution has disregarded these documents to absolve Tippens of these egregious charges.

arsTECHNICA continues:

Tippens’ case is still not over yet, however—it is a bench trial, without a jury, and the judge has yet to render his verdict on the remaining count.”

May the justice system break this trend and bring to justice all of the pedophiles involved in the raid.