The constant victim churning machine of SJW’s is always in a veracious search for blood. How can we claim we’ve been wronged? Things are too peaceful, let’s say we’re offended! The machine never ends, especially in the LGBTQ community. Today in this world is no different, there’s been a tragic, transphobic hate speech attack!

The quick focus of the day is on our good old buddy turned gal-pal, Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. The former decathlete is now famous for dressing up like a woman, calling himself a woman, essentially completing the physical transformation on a superficial level and taking part in some hormone therapy to be a woman. Don’t tell Cait, but she still looks like a dude, probably because she is one.

Cait was walking out of an award show where she was being congratulated for being a guy and dressing like a girl. I know, compelling stuff. This new achievement has been put ahead of other, lesser things like scientific breakthroughs and academic excellence that leaves truly accomplished women unnoticed and even scorned.

The Incident 

Here’s where the world was turned on its head and Zeus cast down lightning bolts from the sky, a reporter shouted at Caitlyn: “Oi, Bruce, get your d*** out!”

Groundbreaking news and a new level of leftist offense took hold. This “story” is being touted as “vile transphobic abuse” by the Daily Mail. But here is where the left takes its freak show to the level of unacceptable. I am fine with people yelling and screaming their stupid opinions as long as they don’t want to infringe on the rights of others. That’s what being free is all about, being free to be an idiot! Amen.

The problem now starts because this is considered “hate speech” and that type of speech is somehow unprotected by freedom of speech. I know, sticks and stones can break my bones but so can hate speech? I think that’s how it goes.

As much of a ridiculous joke as this seems, the police are launching some sort of investigation to look into this non crime. I didn’t know you could have people arrested because your feelings were hurt but that’s the world that the left wants us to live in. We all know that if a transphobic hate speech attack were to be left unpunished, the sky would likely fall upon all of us.

Problems With Speech Limitation

This apocalyptic trasphobic hate speech attack is going to be a rally for increased intervention in speech. The UK is already deep down the rabbit hole of lost speech and you can see the trend happening in the U.S. now as well. There are multiple theories that revolve around whether there is a conspiracy by the LGBTQ where they are being used by liberal elites to achieve social suppression over time and one can’t help but wonder.

Even if it’s not a conspiracy, there certainly is an effective reduction in the rights of people to say what they believe because of the left. What’s not terribly important is the subject that’s being banned at the moment, but the fact that any type of speech at all is being banned. The freedom to share ideas and engage in debate is one of the tenants through which logic and reason progress. Once you take that away, you are left with a struggle based on violence and barbarism.

The fact that leftists engage in such savagery is indicative of the weakness that their arguments are based upon. On nothing but wet sand and feelings do they build their ideologies.

There is one particular weakness in the debate forum that they have mastered the manipulation of which has allowed them to get to the point where they can even argue the existence of a transphobic hate speech attack and that is the moral argument. Though their morals are very weak at their core, they will propose that their counter party is insensitive and callous.

Don’t get caught in this type of trap. The way to emerge superior in this exchange is to submit that true equality of rights in the realm of speech should exist and that is the most moral argument that you can make.

In a world where people are no longer allowed to say what they want about certain issues and discussion is banned, there is no future for a better culture. The reported who yelled at Cait may have been crass but he was in a public space and should be allowed to adhere to mannerisms of his choosing. To arrest him, if they ever find the guy, for a transphobic hate speech attack is beyond absurd. It’s all just more insanity from the snowflake culture that seems to be growing with each passing day.