Bill Maher

Bill Maher attempts to explain to other liberals how to deal with Trump supporters. During the “New Rules” segment on Real Time With Bill Maher, he applauds liberals for being rational and berates Trump supporters for being too emotional. Maher apparently, is finally starting to understand what life for Trump supporters was like for the last eight years.

Bill Maher recently featured a talking point on his show where he tried to explain to his liberal friends how to deal with Trump supporters. But the only thing he revealed was his disillusionment with reality.

Maher told the Left they were wasting their time using facts and that “Trump supporters aren’t changing their minds because the problem isn’t in the mind. It’s lower. It’s emotional.”

Bill Maher

Yes, Bill, it’s the Right that is overly emotional. Nevermind the fact that ever since Trump announced he was running for the Presidency, the Left has been up in arms protesting, rioting, screaming, crying, threatening, and even committing heinous acts of violence. These are totally rational responses, right?

Maher then continues with a nonsensical tirade which stereotypes white voters by pretending they are all stupid backward hicks who hate everything that isn’t like them.

Racism is wrong according to the Left unless of course it’s directed towards white people. At which point it becomes perfectly acceptable and even encouraged.

But I will concede to Bill Maher the point that Trump supporters are not always right.

Yes, Trump supporters sometimes get caught up in instances of hypocrisy, which other conservatives like Ben Shapiro routinely point out because they at least are self-aware.

Trump supporters can also sometimes be emotional because that is part of the human condition.

Sometimes Trump supporters even dare to question the facts because they don’t accept things blindly.

But despite all this, the Left is still in no position to condemn the Right.

When has the Left ever changed their mind after hearing the facts? When has anyone on the Left ever admitted to being wrong? Instead, they are always doubling down on their antics or trying to silence the opposition. Even after losing the 2016 election, they still tried to blame everyone but themselves for their failure.

The Left is Everything They Claim to Hate.

When it comes to dialogue, the Left like to claim they’re rational and reasonable, but this is a misdirect. The truth is they are trying to fool you into believing they are rational so that it becomes easier for you to accept their warped worldview.

The Left for all their claims of being rational started a movement that is anathema to rationality. Social justice is anything but just or moral because it does everything from ruining nations, businesses, communities, and our very lives as it works to segregate and divide people. Everybody is worse off for even having heard of it.

Bill Maher
Earth Day protests

The Left for all their claims of being science friendly is anything but scientific. I previously wrote a short piece exposing just how unscientific and immoral the Left actually is.

The Left for all their claims of being sensible is the antithesis of sensibility. They are driven purely by emotion. It has gotten to the point where they’re no longer interested in promoting change for the betterment of society, but rather they only want to cause chaos.

But worst of all is the sheer impudence and hypocrisy of the Left. There is literally nothing they as a political movement, say or do anymore that isn’t hypocritical. It permeates every fiber of their being, and they have zero self-awareness to boot.

Bill Maher

This is why they continue to berate the Right despite being infinitely more guilty.  It’s also why the Right, tries so hard to ignore them. If you dare disagree with the Left on any topic, they will actively try and silence you, even if it means resorting to violence or legal sanction.

This is the real reason why the Left cannot change the minds of Trump supporters. They just don’t get it.