Bill Nye The Social Justice Warrior Guy

Bill Nye the Social Justice Warrior

Bill Nye the Science Guy! He’s an intelligent, by the book scientist. Well, that’s what we all thought 20 years ago when he had a science show geared towards kids.

He focused on basic science and kept it interesting by being silly and funny to the children that were watching. He is now Bill Nye the Social Justice Warrior Guy but we will save that.

Bill Nye is BACK!

Fast-forward 20 years. Of course, Bill is a little different now. We’re all different than we were 20 years ago. Some of us have grown up in that time, gotten different jobs, changed our outlook on life, or just changed what type of cereal we eat.

Well, Bill Nye took a different path.

Firstly, he was never a “science guy”. Bill was a mechanical engineer by trade. He pitched the pilot for his show to a local Seattle public station in 1993. The show ran until 1998 and Bill seemingly disappeared for a while from the mainstream eye but did some other science entertainment projects.

In a move that would make Al Gore proud, Bill Nye became a very outspoken advocate of global warming/climate change. He has stated his 100% confidence in the science behind climate change regardless of the number of scientists that dispute it.

Bill even stated that people who don’t believe in global warming should be tossed in jail or at the very least face criminal charges.

Since when are scientists in the business of snuffing out differing opinions? Isn’t that how science grows? You’re challenged on one point and you work hard to fix the science.

Climate change has been disproven several times. Many times on the fact that the accuracy of temperature observance over a century ago may not be as good as it is today.

William Nye is back! Bill Nye Saves the World! Well, at least that is what the title of his new show is. And it is a doozy.

Bill Nye is basically liberating the world from generic/Precambrian thoughts by evoking the mind in new and exciting ways. Bill has taken the internet by storm with his new rap song.

The title of the song is “Sex Junk”. It starts with an androgynous “woman” Rachel Bloom in a ridiculous outfit singing about why she shouldn’t have to choose between a man and a woman. She proceeds to make strange writhing motions and noises as she sings about her “sex junk.”

The gist of the song is that EVOLUTION, the beloved scientific theory, has evolved to the point where people just have promiscuous sex with other men, women, and things in between. Basically, validating transgender as normal despite statistics and the absence of any proof. No, it’s not satire.

Bill Nye the Social Just Warrior Guy has arrived. He is pushing the climate change agenda despite very shoddy science behind it. AL GORE leads it. How scientific can it be?

Now he’s pushing gender as a social construct despite the fact that only two genders have existed for 4.6 billion years according to the science he claims to follow.

This is the absence of any sanity. He has truly become Bill Nye the Social Justice Warrior Guy.

Bill Nye, on his show in the 90’s, said chromosomes determine gender. He advocates now that gender is what you want it to be. He was never a scientist, but for a man that loves science, he sure is shunning it vehemently because it may hurt someone’s feelings.

This could be a brainwashing tactic or he could legitimately have lost his mind over the last 20 years of liberal indoctrination.

There is no telling what Bill Nye the Social Justice Warrior Guy is thinking, but it clearly doesn’t make sense. Save yourself and don’t watch his new show. It’s incoherent drivel.