Brawny Has Gone Full SJW, Paper Towels Are Oppressive

Brawny Has Gone Full SJW

Oh boy. Brawny has gone full SJW. They released a new ad 9 months ago, but it’s getting fresh traffic in the wake of their reuse of the ad.

Brawny is a paper towel brand that is produced by Georgia-Pacific, an American pulp and paper company that was purchased by Koch Industries in 2005. Well, now Brawny has gone full SJW.

The paper towel brand has been selling since 1974. A brawny man has always been on the packaging. He represents strength and dependability, hence the name Brawny.

Well, that’s oppressive and it has to be changed. Even if that change is only temporary.

Enter a new marketing campaign “#strengthhasnogender”. They even put out a video to smash sexism in the paper towel industry. If there is anything that represents the patriarchy, it is paper towels. It’s a miracle that women don’t feel violated every time they’re in the paper products aisle at Target.

The video proceeds to show women being pilots, in the military, working out, welding (albeit MIG welding which is the easiest kind of welding you can do) and throws the hashtag up on the screen as a woman has valiantly stood on top of a car in front of the sunset.

What is the point?

No one is saying women can’t do these things and it has nothing to do with a paper towel. In the entire video, they don’t show their product, they just show women doing things.

No one said strength had a gender, but if it did, marketing it, as a woman isn’t a brilliant move as the biological function isn’t to be strong. It is indeed the function of a man.

So to fight this basic biology, they printed a woman in the Brawny apparel on the packaging. What? It’s confusing enough at the poor attempt at marketing, but what exactly are they fighting? They are fighting their own packaging and message and it’s hilarious.

Nowhere in this ad did they show the paper towel being used in everyday situations where you would use a paper towel. They didn’t prove it’s usefulness, but some people loved the ad because it shows that women are people and can do things women have done already.

Brawny has gone full SJW. This is just another in a line of companies placating feminists because feminists in the western world have nothing else to fight for and it would be too hard to go combat the actual sexism in the Middle East and Africa.

People don’t purchase paper towels for political statements. We just want to clean our mess. The video is below, enjoy. 

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  • Oh Brawny… you have the strength to clean up tough messes. But not the strength to take even the most basic stands for common sense and traditional American values; and to not cave to the anti-American regressive left under the slightest amount of pressure. Or to even just stay out of politics altogether. You’re a paper towel manufacturer. No one expects you or any company to vocalize their political opinions. Here’s hoping your paper towels are tough enough to clean up the PR mess you’re going to make, if you keep this up.