Disabled Transexual, Who Wanted To Punch Nazis, Fired From Google – Now Pressing Charges


It looks like the left is trying to eat itself as disabled gay transgender communist, Tim Chevalier, was fired by Google. Chevalier was fired over his far left posts on Twitter where he advocated ‘punching nazis’ (which in their case is anyone right of Stalin) and also mocked his said ‘harrassers’ with memes – which is very unprofessional from an employee perspective.

Chevalier said in a statement to The Verge, “It is a cruel irony that Google attempted to justify firing me by claiming that my social networking posts showed bias against my harassers.” He also stated his intentions to fire back at Google with a lawsuit – saying that he was fired for ‘speaking out for diversity’. This took place last August when James Damore (a conservative ex-google employee) circulated a memo internally at Google where he argued that women were biologically less inclined to succeed in engineering roles at the company and that Google’s diversity efforts were misguided simply because females do not typically embrace engineering roles as much as men do. In doing so, he set off heated debate among his Google co-workers. This lead to, according to current and former employees, Google ramping up its surveillance of their employees’ digital footprints to insure that no employees speak up about, or debate, Google’s diversity policy.

Although it may seem like a very unusual move by Google, to fire a far left communist that is so accepting of forced diversity and the ethnic cleansing of the Western World, there is a good reason to why he was fired. Damore (the conservative that is suing Google) has quoted Chevalier’s tweets stating that Google found his diversity tweets appropriate when the message is the same as his (yet the opinion is different but non-threatening and protected under the right to free speech).


It is very questionable how a political extremist, like Tim Chevalier, was able to be gainfully employed as a Google engineer. The morals of Google are also very questionable in that same regard. As Ben Shapiro once said, race doesn’t matter – ideology does. I personally hate to see the ‘lets make Europe non-white’ narrative take over like that’s the only thing that matters. Those who are pushing this narrative are showing off and aren’t really thinking of anyone’s welfare properly, not even the Africans shipping themselves to the Western World posing as ‘child refugees’. Chevalier doesn’t really care if the right people are getting the help they need, Chevalier just hates white people and that’s what bugs me personally. Chevalier’s economic stance is perhaps the most concerning part about his character, being a communist and being aware of the hundred million people who have died under it makes me question how Google was morally able to employ him at the same time.

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