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5. Extremely Bad Sexist Steve Martin

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Someone forgot to tell George Lucas this was sexist.

At the end of last year actress Carrie Fisher, known to most as Princess Leia passed away.  Like many celebrities at the time actor Steve Martin took to twitter to express a small message regarding her passing.

What Steve Martin probably did not expect was that his quick funny joke complimenting the departed actress would have him labeled as a sexist almost immediately. This rogue tweet was considered so bad, it even earned the ire of mainstream press outlet New York Magazine, who published through their online blog The Cut a piece originally titled, “Steve Martin, This Is a Bad Tribute to Carrie Fisher.” The piece can be seen here, though it’s since been renamed “Carrie Fisher Struggled Against Being a Nerd-Boy Sex Object Her Whole Life”. The author of the piece also tweeted out this to promote his article.While the original tweet and its responses are now lost to time thanks to Martin giving into the outrage and deleting it. A few sources at the time included reports of people tweeting back at Martin things like, “I think she aspired to be something higher than just being pretty” and “How do you want to be remembered?”.  While compared to some of the other celebrities on these lists, the backlash against Martin was somewhat tame all things considered. The tweet though and its removal actually led directly into another comedian facing a much bigger backlash all his own.

4. Trump Voting GamerGater Male Patton Oswalt

In the wake of Steve Martin pulling down his tweet about Carrie, vocal liberal and Trump bashing comedian Patton Oswalt tweeted out the following. 

Almost instantly Patton’s own highly liberal fan base was up in arms.




The use of the term SJW in particular seeming to trigger a large number of his followers, even earning him the dreaded GamerGate label being tossed in his direction. 

To the comedians credit, he’s a rare example that didn’t bow to public pressure and take down the offence which can still be seen here.


3. Anti Islamic Women Hating White Supremacist Richard Dawkins

Taking a sharp turn from comedians we move now to one of the most famous scientists and atheists in the world, Richard Dawkins. Who despite the fact has gone on record many times as describing his own political views as left-leaning.  Has managed now multiple times to find himself in hot water with the regressive elements of his party. 

This keeps happening to Dawkins because unlike many of the younger element of the modern political left, Dawkins remains the older breed that still believes in some of the more classical liberal ideals like the importance of free speech.

Last year though Dawkins found himself in particular hot water when he posted this image to twitter. 

richard dawkins neo nazi tweet

While the image, a parody of Dawkins own famous book The God Delusiondrew the usual SJW outrage all on its own. Things took a turn for the worst when, it was revealed the QR code listed in the image led to the Neo-Nazi slogan The Fourteen Words.  While obviously Dawkins was not aware of this and took the post down after being made so, this was not enough for some people.  Many then claiming Dawkins shared a Nazi sense of humor.

Other’s were still busy being outrage over the basic parody book itself. 

Dawkins though has made greater social justice enemies then just a few keyboard warriors. His criticism of both radical Feminism and Islam over the years especially, has earned him lots of bad press from certain circles. Including being named the third most sexist man of the year by the Violence Against Women Organization. 

In fact he was recently removed as the keynote speaker for the Northeast Conference on Science and Skepticism, when he retweeted this video along with the words. “Obviously doesn’t apply to vast majority of feminists, among whom I consider myself. But the minority are pernicious.”

Most recently Dawkins was De-Platformed by Berkeley California radio station KPFA, after they learned he had a history of offensives tweets about Islam. Boldly Dawkins responded to the cancelled interview with this statement,

“I have indeed strongly condemned the misogyny, homophobia, and violence of Islamism, of which Muslims — particularly Muslim women — are the prime victims. I make no apologies for denouncing those oppressive cruelties, and I will continue to do so.”

2. Racist Cultural Appropriator Katy Perry

Switching back to the pure entertainer field we have Katy Perry, pop star extraordinaire and repeat offender of the PC police.  Such a repeat offender in fact, self-described reporter and speaker on issues of Social Justice Derrick Clifton once described her as, “pop music’s worst cultural appropriator.”

While we don’t have the time to cover all her alleged offenses here, let’s focus in on a few that garnered the biggest outrage.  Like the time pictured below where she appeared on stage with some rather sexy looking mummies.

These mummies however, apparently being a bit too much like a racist black female stereotype for some.

There was also that time Katy gave a Japanese Geisha inspired performance at the American Music Awards. Which earned her articles titled, “Yes, Katy Perry’s Sexy Geisha Performance Was Racist“, and comments like this on twitter.

Most recently however was her “current mood” Instagram post featuring an image of the Hindu Deity Kali.

current mood

A post shared by KATY PERRY (@katyperry) on

The post which is still up, has received over 13,000 comments.  Some examples of which are below.

“Respect her she is our goddess of hindu u can’t use it in this way, seriously u lost Respect in my eyes.”

“Are you serious? You’re using pics of our Goddesses as memes?

“Use of the image of Goddess is not right. It is not some random image there is huge history behind that image. Respect other people feelings , believes and it is your social responsibility,” 

While Katy has earned lots of SJW ire in recent years, maybe she can at least take comfort in the fact it’s nothing compared to what’s been thrown at her long time rival and nemesis


1. Privileged White Colonialist Blonde Nazi Barbie Taylor Swift

While we have focused mainly on the social media side of the SJW culture thus far in these lists.  Let’s turn our attention for a moment to the more official media part of the SJW hive mind.  The PC police has a big presence online, and attacking famous celebrities with outlandish headlines is always a great way to ensure high web traffic.  One star though seems to consistently be a favorite target and that is Taylor Swift, and it’s easy to see why.  As the Observer puts it, she “represents everything the social justice police resent: she’s white, she’s pretty, she’s talented, and she’s amazingly successful.”

Here are just a few things written about Ms. Swift from the social justice wing of the online media. Salon wrote a scathing piece revealing her to be just a, “privileged daughter of wealthy plutocrats.” Noted feminist Camille Paglia wrote for the Hollywood Reporter, that the stars, “twinkly persona is such a scary flashback to the fascist blondes who ruled the social scene during my youth.” In the same piece Camille, even directly refers to Taylor as an “Obnoxious Nazi Barbie”. Even infamous liberal media empire Gawker, got in on the fun stating, there is “something opportunistic and sinister” about Swift and her friends group, maybe even something “evil”.

While these are all just generalized takedowns of Mr. Swift from popular SJW havens online, things get worse in the moments when she actually does something seemingly offensive. Case in point the backlash over her Wildest Dreams music video, which among other things was accused of “romanticizing white colonialism, and for using Africa as a backdrop for a story about white people.” The Daily Dot who wrote that the video, “wants to have its old-school Hollywood romance but ends up eating some old-school Hollywood racism, too”, also took issue with her earlier Shake It Off video believing it to perpetuate black stereotypes.

The young pop star has also faced criticism for not going far enough to prove her Feminist and Anti-Conservative credentials in leftist Hollywood.  With liberal blogs like TheDailyBeast running stories titled, “Taylor Swift’s Loud Election Silence—and Connection to Donald Trump”, and “Taylor Swift’s Spineless Feminism.”  In fact it was in this last article that author Amy Zimmerman brings up another issue reason why Taylor isn’t earning any love from SJW corners. Which is that she has yet to publicly condemn her more “problematic fans.” Amy writes, “the so-called alt-right has crowned Swift as the Aryan prom queen of their burgeoning neo-Nazi movement.” 

In a more recent article entitled, “It’s Time for Taylor Swift to Denounce Her Neo-Nazi Admirers”. She reminds readers that Neo-Nazi Andrew Anglin of the Daily Stormer once wrote, “Taylor Swift is a pure Aryan goddess, like something out of classical Greek poetry. It is also an established fact that Taylor Swift is secretly a Nazi and is simply waiting for the time when Donald Trump makes it safe for her to come out and announce her Aryan agenda to the world. Probably, she will be betrothed to Trump’s son, and they will be crowned American royalty.”While most would just laugh at the inherent silliness of these statements, SJW’s somehow seem to mange being legitimately bothered by them.  A fact that has been noticed by those lovable troublemakers over at 4Chan who have taken to creating all sorts of fan-art depicting Taylor to be just the Nazi Idol her critics keep dubbing her. Some examples of which I have included here in this article for your amusement. 

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