Harvard Reascends 10 Acceptances For ‘Offensive Memes’ Posted in a Private Facebook Group.


The group, “Harvard Memes for horny bourgeois teens” created on Facebook for incoming freshmen has reportedly lead to the withdrawal of 10 acceptances.

The private group had some members sharing what Harvard officials deemed ‘offensive memes.’

Harvard gained access into this group and sent emails to the offenders notifying them that they must face judgment from the Admissions Committee. This ultimately lead to 10 would-be-students having their enrollment withdrawn.

Harvard maintains that under its school code it has every right to resend acceptances if they find those accepted are in violation of Harvard’s moral code.

Let us consider for a moment that a group comprised of 17-18-19 year old looking to connect with one another online is supposed to be at all times pure and innocent? The group was also private. A private Facebook group means that a person has to actively seek out the group and ask for admittance by a moderator.

Most colleges have pages similar. A place where students can post pictures and anecdotes about life specific to their campus.

It is in many ways paradoxical. Many colleges and universities have made it their main goal to ensure that young adults do not have hurt feelings. In doing so, they have created a wave of paranoia. If you want to share a joke with a friend you better first make sure that it is in line with the student handbook.