The Liberal, SJW Echo Chamber Known As The MTV Movie Awards

Liberal, SJW Echo Chamber

The MTV Movie Awards was a liberal, SJW echo chamber. They featured homosexuality, androgynous people, and the moronic Congresswoman from California, Maxine Waters.

The liberal, SJW echo chamber was so proud to feature the first non-gender specific actor awards. Emma Watson, the feminist, won the award conveniently.

Twitter reflected on the social justice warrior BS that was occurring in the pat yourself on the back convention.

The echo chamber wasn’t lost on anyone who doesn’t like social justice. Many people, even liberals were noticing the asinine display by MTV last night.

Of course, you had your typical mainstream media worshipping at the altar of MTV. USA Today spewed their typical “inclusive” applaud on their website.

Genderlessness being pushed onto impressionable viewers is more propaganda by the left. Now the left can’t figure out why men aren’t marrying. It’s because women don’t exist anymore in their world. Woman is a concept that you can feel, not just two X chromosomes.

MTV is just another tool in the SJW machine. They are pushing genderlessness and volatility on the future generation. It is the only way to ensure the Democrats keep building a base as their party falls apart.

Just remember, you aren’t a man or a woman. You’re whatever you feel. If you feel like a beer mug, you’re a beer mug.

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