New Study Suggests No Such Thing as ‘Rape Culture’ on U.S. College Campuses

rape culture

One of the major talking points of millennial social justice warriors is the presence of a ‘rape culture’ on college campuses across the United States. Who is often penned with the blame for these rapes? The white boogeyman, the token offender of every minority in the world.

Feminists have, for years, suggested ‘rape culture’ is a phenomenon that is wide-spread and out of control, that (white) men somehow walk around campuses feasting on flesh with their eyes and looking for their next victim.

Unfortunately, they don’t have actual facts to support their claims, and because of this, they have to make up their own ‘alternative facts’.

A new study produced by the American Association for University Women found that almost 90% of colleges and universities reported a big fat 0 incidence of on-campus rape in 2015. That doesn’t suggest a rape culture. Rather, it suggests that actual rape crimes are nearly nonexistent and that feminists are opportunists.

Still, while facts debunk a favorite talking point of the third wave, feminists will likely continue to complain that many women don’t report their rapes to campus officials because of fear. Under Barack Obama, the Department of Justice released statistics claiming that 80% of women don’t report after they’ve been violated. However, these alternative facts are refuted by the pandemic of fake rape and sexual assault claims made by university women every single year. 

‘Rape culture’ isn’t the only fabrication that third-wave feminists have consistenly failed to prove. The gender pay gap is another. This argument has been debunked by Harvard professors, economists, and sociologists as nonsense, yet is still a favorite argument to prove that women are inherent victims of institutionalized sexism.

False feminist narratives like rape culture and the gender pay gap aren’t actually helping women, but are actually hurting men. And that is the feminist objective these days, a sadistic infatuation with tearing down the opposite sex.

Take the example of Caleb Warner, a University of North Dakota student who had his life and education ruined after being falsely accused of sexual assault. It turned out to be a lie, Warner was cleared of all charges, and the woman who accused him was charged with making a false police report. 

Incidents like these are, unfortunately, all too common in a world where everybody has to be a victim.

Many parents are raising their daughters with a victim mentality, that somehow girls are victims of a misogynist culture. Victim mentality is a powerful and often addictive worldview that can be difficult for many women to overcome.

Women face daily propaganda that infantilizes their psyches and intentionally injures confidence in their husbands and men in general. Thus, we’ve seen the rise of third-wave feminism, built on the notion that men are inherent perpetrators and are bad, while women are inherent victims and are good. Third-wave doesn’t speak to factual issues that challenge women in modern societies, issues like depression, suicide, body image, and health. Feminists would help far more women if they focused on these issues rather than on rape culture, a nonexistent problem.

  • DukeLax

    What is this obsession American women have with making false rape accusations and lynching innocent guys ?? is it an inherent blood lust??? Is it because of their roots in the KKK ??? WTF is it???

    • Many of the women I’ve seen and read that make false rape/sexual harassment claims tend to be ugly, insane, show many symptoms of narcissism and other Cluster B personality disorders.

  • DukeLax

    When the DOJ started funding their manufactured rape statistics Alliances with state and local police forces around the country 25 years ago……they crossed a line in the sand they should not have crossed!!

  • PaulMurrayCbr

    > almost 90% of colleges and universities reported a big fat 0 incidence of on-campus rape in 2015

    And what few rapes there are are mainly committed by athletes. End “athletic scholarships”. Throw the meatheads out – get ’em to learn a trade.

  • Lorey Sandison Gillam

    No, what it suggests is that victims are too intimidated to say anything or the schools are hiding facts! There will always be rape. You can continue to deny it or you can choose to help end it.