Rachel Maddow Gets “Rick-rolled”


As a rule, President Trump’s supporters could not care less about his tax returns. He dodged their release the entirety of the campaign, being one of the only presidential candidates in recent history to do so. Nevertheless, the lying media has brayed on about his refusal to submit his taxes.

Excerpt from Trump’s leaked 1995 tax return.

In 2016, the New York Times released a few pages of Trump’s 1995 tax return in which he reported a $916 million loss. Some have speculated that Trump himself leaked these documents. By doing so, the public would have been primed to interpret any future tax returns, thereby helping to prevent any negative perceptions. Hypothetically, his $916 million loss could have legally let him off the hook for up eighteen years in taxes.

March 14 — All eyes were on Rachel Maddow as she bragged about her upcoming release of President Trump’s tax return. She took to Twitter to hype the occasion:

And then the story broke. What did her breaking news reveal? Zerohedge recounts the White House’s official press release:

Mr. Trump paid $38 million dollars even after taking into account large scale depreciation for construction, on an income of more than $150 million dollars, as well as paying tens of millions of dollars in other taxes such as sales and excise taxes and employment taxes and this illegally published return proves just that.”

That’s correct. Donald Trump paid a fair share of taxes on a tremendous income in 2005. Don, Jr. took to Twitter to mock Maddow:

Zerohedge pointed out that Trump’s 2005 tax rate eclipsed that of both Mitt Romney and Bernie Sanders in 2014:

Excerpt from Donald Trump’s 2005 tax return which was leaked to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow.

As others suspected regarding the 1995 leaks, some are speculating that Donald Trump also leaked this most recent tax return to the media. The motive is obvious. Set the media up for a damning story, only to have them end their day in embarrassment.

In the bottom right-hand corner of Trump’s 2005 return, there is a stamp that says “Client Copy.” This detail may reveal that this document belonged to the President, after all.



As per usual, Donald Trump wins another round against the fake news media.