Sean Hannity

Did Sean Hannity just uncover the agenda behind the barrage of sexual harassment claims at Fox News?

Hannity made a peculiar suggestion on Twitter: harassment allegations against him may be related to his support for Donald Trump.

This is one of many tweets from Hannity about the scandal at Fox News involving several high-profile executives and anchors.

Sean Hannity also dedicated several tweets to Debbie Schlussel, the woman who accused Hannity of sexual harassment. Schlussel has now walked back her claims after Hannity threatened legal action for defamation.

Hannity claimed that he is organizing an “army of attorneys” to discuss topics of libel, slander, defamation, and tortious interference, a tweet that is clearly directed at Schlussel.

Hannity alludes to the fact that Schlussel is not the only one involved in the debacle at Fox News. Others might be trying to bring down conservatives at the network.

Schlussel is one of several women at Fox News alleging inappropriate behavior from men. Most of the claims have come from Democratic talking heads and liberal pundits including Kirsten Power and Julie Roginsky. Both have since left the network.

Roger Ailes, Bill O’Reilly, Sean Hannity, and Bill Shine are some of the men who have been publicly accused.

Sean Hannity’s suggestions of a coordinated effort to take out supporters of Trump at Fox would be scandalous indeed, but not surprising. Far left organizations like Media Matters for America dedicate much of their Soros-funded resources to coordinating attacks against conservatives in the media.

One of the best ways to bring down a public figure is to smear his image so that he resigns from his position. Other media figures like Alex Jones have been recent targets of smear jobs from the left.

Remember, they did the same thing to Donald Trump in the election. The difference is that Trump refused to back down. Like Hannity, Trump threatened to sue the women who accused him. Many of the allegations against him were later disproven and others were completely retracted by the accusers. 

Great job Hannity! Don’t back down!