Trump Protester Attempts to Burn U.S. Flag During Freedom of Speech but Fails Miserably (Video)

Trump protester

During a freedom of speech rally, a Trump protester tried to burn the U.S. flag but was stopped in their tracks

Over the weekend, a peaceful free speech parade took place in Oregon. The march was arranged by both conservatives and free speech advocates who wanted to voice their opinions on the violence they have been subject to at the hands of the group known as Antifa. 

Antifa learned of the march and decided to turn up with the usual aim of disrupting free speech and invoking violence on those whose opinions differ from theirs. 

During the parade, a transgender protester enkindled a small U.S. flag but the flag was swiftly taken away by a nearby biker who is said to have taken part in the freedom of speech marches. 

The Antifa crew, some hiding behind masks, reacted in disgust as they screamed words like “sexist” and “transphobic” when one of the bikers called the transgender protester a “man”, not a “her”. 

The man who uploaded the footage to YouTube claimed to have had his iPhone smashed by Antifa members during the protests. 

The biker simply took the flag and stood his ground. Considering Antifa’s history, it is surprising the incident did not turn violent.