Twitter Fails to Mourn as Salt Lake Tribune Writes It’s Own Obituary


In their best Nelson-from-the -Simpson’s voice, Twitter reacted to the layoffs at the Salt Lake Tribune on Monday with a hardy, “Haha!”

Laura J. Nelson of the Los Angeles Times Tweeted on Monday about the announcement. Obviously broken up by the layoffs impacting her field of employment she was quick to point out that the Tribune had won a Pulitzer prize but Twitter wasn’t giving them any credit.

Grant was in early with a well place Nelson gif. 

Magnum CK reminded everyone of an op-ed in the Tribune from 2016 which claimed Hilary Clinton was the only qualified candidate for president.  

Tibor assumes she must be joking when she says it’s “terrible news.”

Denise summed it up in plain English. Like most major outlets the Tribune was bias and fake and they brought this fate upon themselves. 

Radical pointed out that people won’t pay for bad information dripping with opinion. 

Bina took them to task. They aren’t journalists, they’re activists. 

Tcio echoed a sentiment many of us share – gone are the days when you could enjoy the morning paper over a cup of coffee and a muffin. They became biased rags. 

You brought this on yourselves, says Arie.

Lee’s suggestion is that they try being actual journalists. 

Minnie Pearl thinks ICE may soon have some openings! 

Scott wasn’t as generous, he suggested the fired writers go dig ditches.

Congrats! You got yourself fired! 

There’s no love lost from JT.

The Salt Lake Tribune has an interesting history. It started out in the 1860s as the Mormon Tribune which was a newspaper begun by former members of the Mormon church in the Salt Lake area. 

It was bought out in 1873 and became a deliberately anti-Mormon newspaper which backed the liberal party. On 1901 the paper was secretly bought by a Catholic man who got rid of the anti-Mormon sentiment and had good relations with the local Mormon church. 

After a few more changes in ownership, by the end of the 20th century the Tribune was owned by a multimedia corporation. It is currently owned by the brother of former presidential candidate John Huntsman, Jr. 

The Tribune endorsed Obama during both his election bids even though, for his second term he ran against the Mormon, Mitt Romney. 

JM, pointed out some of their more disgusting content. 

Seeing as how the country widely, and Utah specifically, voted Donald Trump into office, it’s not surprising that portraying him as a murdering terrorist is part of an overarching theme that isn’t working out for them. 

Of course it isn’t just the Tribune who is suffering. As liberal, fake news media refuses to leave their SJW bubbles they are increasingly becoming irrelevant and outdated which is not a sustainable business model for people who sell news. Massive layoffs are hitting the whole industry. 

People are increasingly turning to hard-hitting, fact-checking news. Thanks for reading.