The online SJW pitchfork brigade was out in force once again this past week. In yet another effort to protect our precious fragile minds from media they have deemed “dangerous”.  Making this particular round of PC outrage slightly unique though is that the offensive media in question doesn’t even exist yet.  Even more surprising is that it’s being produced from a source that this same crowd usually loves.  This just adding further proof to what we all already know, that the regressive left always eats its own.

In case you missed all the fun to be had watching the snowflake freak-out online.  Let me quickly bring you up to speed.  Recently HBO announced a new show from the people who brought you Game of Thrones, simply titled Confederate.  A show which aims to show us an America on the brink of a “Third American Civil War”, in an alternate timeline where the South won the first.  Unsurprisingly the sheer announcement of this show, which is not set to even reach airwaves until 2019 at the earliest received instant outrage and disgust from the SJW left.  Who above all else declared it as a “dangerous Alt-Right fantasy.”  The outrage hasn’t let up either, with a sustained organized pitchfork campaign happening on Twitter timed to occur with every new episode of Game of Thrones.  To give you a better idea of what we are dealing with, here are some examples I hunted down for your amusement.

I will also include one brief example of sanity as well, because it’s important to remember not everyone in this country has totally lost it.

While it would be all too easy to pick apart these regressives and their outrage over a silly fantasy TV show.  To cry foul over their attempts at entertainment censorship.  Or even to address the rather ironic fact that this show was being made by a bunch of Hollywood liberals aiming to please the very same crowd they have seemingly outraged, by creating a show that would surely have been filled to the brim with highly exaggerated evil modern day slave holders.  This last point in particular all the more silly because a Confederacy existing in 2017 would have almost certainly chosen to have given up slavery by this time for a myriad of reasons, just as everyone else has.  Oh well, everyone except Africa at least.

But none of that is the real story here.  SJW censorship and outrage has become far too common an occurrence to be surprised by. The real interesting part of this tale, is how one of HBO’s chief rivals is using this controversy as a marketing tool for their own new show, and what that means to the future of entertainment if this tactic proves successful.  As anyone who has dared turned on their TV, favorite streaming service, or darkened a theater in the last few years will know by now.  SJW pandering entertainment based around negative depictions of white men portrayed as evil overlords oppressing the rest of the world is on the rise.  The use of race based identity politics to stir up attention for your latest program is nothing that new, but now Amazon has opted to take it to another level, especially if it means a chance to throw their rival HBO under the bus.

A few days following the announcement of Confederate and at the height of the insane outrage against it, Amazon opted to announce its rival new alternative history show.  Like Confederate, it too is set in a timeline where the Civil War ended just a bit differently.  Instead of featuring a modern Confederacy however, we instead will spend time in “New Colonia”, a completely fictional nation made up of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama “gifted” to the slaves as reparations following the civil war.

Yes that’s right people, a show featuring a real historical nation run by white people, even when cast in a negative light, is unacceptable.  But a show featuring a made up all-Black American nation is to be applauded.  To put this another way, a show which would have painted a modern Confederacy as a repressive evil state filled with monsters has somehow been labeled the new favorite show of the Alt-Right.  But no one seems to be calling a show featuring a positive depiction of a modern BLACK ONLY nation in North America, the SJW wet dream show that it is. Did I mention that the show itself is called simply, Black America?  You can’t make this stuff up.

Adding a final further bit of hypocrisy to this entire ordeal, and proof that the most easily offended part of the SJW left always tends to be the Black Lives Matter segments is the fact this exists.

Image result for man in high castle

For the past few years the same people who are currently taking advantage of the outrage over HBO depicting a victorious Confederacy, have been producing a show featuring a timeline with victorious Nazi’s.  It would seem by some strange SJW logic that a modern day Nazi America, is wholesome enough watching but somehow a modern day Confederacy is the end of the world as we know it.  Given the sheer obsession of the left in calling everyone who doesn’t agree with them Nazi’s it seems strange, that Man in the High Castle has never received even a fraction of the moral outrage the mere idea of Confederate has managed, despite featuring images like this every episode.

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All this of course leaves us with the question, but why should you care?  If you are reading this to begin with it’s highly unlikely you were ever going to watch either of these two programs.  But it’s always important to notice the warning signs of a dark trend before it’s too late to act.  The ever growing stranglehold and thought policing of the mainstream entertainment industry should scare us all.  Because one day they will come for something you do enjoy, or worse yet leave us with nothing worth watching period.  If you think I am exaggerating, remember they have already come for our video games, our movies, and our TV

We cannot even count on alternative media sources to save us either, as all they need is the word “hate” to kill our free speech.  If we don’t start working better at banding together and making our voice heard against these ridiculous examples of thought policing, we are going to be left in a world where the likes of Black America are the only type of acceptable media left.  As we enter a media landscape dominated by a full on SJW entertainment arms race occurring inside big Hollywood.


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