FAQs, or Frequently Asked Questions, and Rules




Our site is different from most fact-check sites because we offer discussion sections under each article. We encourage all readers to interact with the article by posting comments. These sections do not allow posting of graphics or other files due to the potential for explicit material to appear. Comments to the site are monitored and Squawker.org has the right to remove comments that are sexually explicit or promote violence. That being said, there is no greater champion of free speech than Squawker.org. We do not condone comments with derogatory speech or profanity, but we will not remove these comments from the site.


Question: Is Squawker.org exclusively a fact-checking website?


Answer: No. Squawker.org publishes columns and information about a variety of topics that are not specifically related to fact checking. The site also publishes opinion pieces by writers which will have a bit more partisan slant on an issue in the news. A vast majority of our content, however, will be fact checking of current events, headline news, and breaking stories. Squawker.org was created to keep the media accountable, to force them to tell the truth. The MSM is responsible for the epidemic phenomenon of fake news and has been for years. Only in 2016 did independent and alternative news begin to expose the MSM for the careless journalism and their reckless treatment of the facts.


Question: Am I allowed to reproduce or publish your content on my own website or blog?


Answer: Unfortunately, no. Squawker.org cares very much about the integrity of journalism posted to our website. Oftentimes, reproductions of original content can be manipulated or distorted and used in a partisan fashion or to push an agenda. You can link content from our website on any platform, for any reason, for however long that you want. You are also free to embed screen shots of our content in your website, blog, or any other platform. You cannot however, take content off of our website and publish it on a different platform. For example, if you would like to post a screen shot of our content to a forum like Reddit or 4chan, you are absolutely permitted to do this. You can’t however, cut and paste content from our pages into that forum, as this violates copyright. Buttons are provided on each article page so that you can easily share an article on your social networking. You also can’t attribute our work to anybody else.


Question: Can I cite a Squawker.org article in a research or professional paper?


Answer: YES! A citation for a research or professional paper is always permitted under fair use and does not violate copyright.


Question: Is Squawker.org owned by a larger media company?


Answer: NO! Squawker.org is a home-grown project that is 100% independent. Our writers have absolutely no connections to any other media entities in the U.S. or internationally. We have no sponsors and we currently do not engage in product sales. We are not controlled by investors, partners, and we have no connection to political parties, lobbyists, or outside influence.


Question: How does Squawker.org make money?


Answer: Our website currently does not sell any products, has no sponsors or partners, no investors, and no kickbacks. All revenue for the site is generated from ads that appear on the pages. While we understand the general annoyance of ads, it is the only form of compensation we have available. We use it to pay writers, hosting costs, and additional expenses.


Question: Do you fact check other sources outside of the mainstream media?


Answer: Yes. Although one of our objectives is to keep the MSM accountable, we also fact check many other claims that circulate on the internet. The web functions like an endless game of telephone, where gossip passes through several sources, often, before it becomes widely available to the masses. People can end up with very different conclusions about the same fact. Any source may be produced

Question: Why are graphics on your site showing up with an error or a green frown face?


Answer: This happens when outside websites engage in something called inline linking or leeching. What happens is that another website uses our graphics on their own site, which hogs the bandwidth. The best way to avoid this is to NOT use a proxy server or a browser like Tor.


Question: Where does Squawker.org get its pictures?


Answer: ALL PHOTOS OR PICTURES ARE PURCHASED FROM SHUTTERSTOCK OR GETTYIMAGES. Due to the risk of a lawsuit, we NEVER use photos from google, blogs, or other websites.

Question: Where does Squawker.org acquire its multimedia?


Multimedia is either embedded from another website like Youtube, which is perfectly legal under fair use, or is original to our website. Multimedia qualifies as, but is not limited to, MP4s, Youtube videos, MP3s, audio files, and PDFs. All multimedia files displayed on our site are 100% in accordance with the law.


Question: Are there any facts Squawker.org won’t check?


Answer: Our content is divided into 5 categories including politics, world, conspiracy, factoids, and fake news.


Here are some examples of what you might find in each category:


1) Under “politics,” you will find fact checks about U.S. politics, Donald Trump, the Congress, health care policy, and MSM coverage of the presidency.

2) Under “world,” you will find fact checks about the migrant crisis, European elections, Chinese and Russian relations with the U.S., nuclear crisis, disasters, and globalism.

3) Under “conspiracy,” you will find fact checks about Wikileaks, Julian Assange, Obama’s birth certificate, Sandy Hook, feminism, and Black Lives Matter.

4) Under “factoid,” you will find fact checks about a hodge-podge of different things.

5) Under “fake news,” you will find fact checks about claims put forward by the mainstream media such as Trump’s inaugural crowd size, the Golden Showers dossier, and Russia “hacking” the U.S. election.

All fact checks will fall under one of these categories.


Question: If I notice a typo, should I let you know?


Answer: Yes, please. We may not respond to every inquiry, but we will take note of emails that point out typos on our pages. We are journalists who write a lot. Typos happen. Feel free to send us any feedback if you identify an error.