10 Rules Of The Spiritual War You Were Born To Fight


    Most people today go about their lives intently preoccupied with the woes of the daily grind – going to work, paying bills and watching television. Perhaps they even manage to temporarily vacate this maddening monotony by intoxicating themselves on the weekends, getting lost on the internet or living vicariously through their favorite sports team.

    However, what too many fail to recognize is the grander play transpiring upon the world stage, and you must count yourself among those who understand their own powerful role in it.

    We are seeing an epic confrontation play out between the opposing forces of good and evil; a cosmic battle that escalates with each passing day. It is a spiritual war – one you were literally born to fight. You are a fearless warrior, a guiding beacon of light whose strength and inner wisdom is now being called into service.

    Unfortunately, ignorance of this struggle is not a defense – you are participating in it nonetheless. It also doesn’t matter which deity you honor, or to which flag you pledge your allegiance. In this game of spiritual warfare there are rules. These rules infinitely transcend the mundane ordinances of everyday life, as they are karmic in nature. They obey certain immutable laws of the universe and are enforced by a much higher power. You must remember what these are, and play by them accordingly:

    10) The Score Is Always Being Kept

    You are fully accountable for your actions, words and thoughts at all times. This includes the choices you make in private moments, and any actions which might agree or disagree with your dearest principals. You always best the enemy when you faithfully adhere to the Golden Rule.

    9) Negative Events Can Only Happen With ‘Authorization’

    This process of spiritual consent is executed by the people of Earth, both on an individual and collective level. It is granted when certain spiritual principals are sufficiently violated, or when the belief in a negative outcome is strong enough to reach a critical mass in the population. Remain positive and faithful even in the darkest of hours.

    8) Your Imagination And Will Can Be Used Against You

    The first stage of this process is to seed your imagination with negative thought-forms. The next stage is to create traumatizing events that activate the power of your will. The collective consciousness will then charge those thought-forms with power, which then activates the programs of horror placed in our imagination, forcing those would-be guardians to take temporary flight. Your imagination and will are divine gifts – use them for good.

    7) Evil Forces Will Try To Turn You Against Your Neighbor

    The game of the “negative elite” involves skillfully dividing the population through an endless series of staged events, lies and manipulations. By playing both sides against the middle, they will attempt to turn race against race, nation against nation, religion against religion, old against young, parents against children, city against country and government against civilians. Remember that unity is the primary weapon against division. 

    6) The Villains Must Disclose Who They Are

    The wicked must also announce what they are doing, but will do so stealthily. This is known as ‘hiding out in the open,’ and is virtually everywhere if you know where to look. Recognize that you will be discredited if you identify it, but this is only a clever trick designed to dissuade the masses from believing some very obvious disclosures that exist. One example would be the All-Seeing Eye and pyramid symbol of the dollar bill, and another would be nefarious statements made on public record by various world leaders.

    5) Temptation Is A Covert Weapon

    The forces of evil will work very hard to corrupt the heroes and lead them into various temptations. Thoughts and impulses can be introduced against your will to nudge you against your own spiritual principals, which earns them a tremendous victory. Recognize these urges when they arise, and acknowledge them for what they truly are.

    4) Violating Your Own Morals Can Get You Disqualified

    The negative forces understand that if they can sufficiently influence you to contradict your own spiritual principles, they may gain proper ‘authorization’ to damage, nullify or even eliminate you as a warrior. One of the best ways to do this is through sexual temptation, which can lead to vibrational toxicity as well as inflicted emotional suffering on others. Honor your integrity, even when you believe no one is watching.

    3) The Red Cross Workers Are Protected

    The heroes of humanity who are an indomitable force for good – those individuals who maintain strong positivity in their lives while practicing forgiveness and unconditional love – are spiritually immune against acts of violence willed by their nemeses. Think about some of those rare brave souls who honorably try to tell the truth to the world, even when it knowingly puts them in danger. These courageous soldiers remain unscathed because of this rule: the enemy is not allowed to shoot the Red Cross workers. 

    2) You Are A Divine Creator

    No matter how bad things may get, know that you do in fact have a soul. This is a very real wonder, and you are inherently immortal with far more power to create reality than you often recognize. The wicked will reinforce certain themes that serve to undermine this inviolable foundation of your own godhood, but always remember this sacred and celestial aspect of yourself. It is who you really are.

    1) Forgiveness Is The Antidote To Evil

    Forgiveness of others is the forgiveness of yourself, because you and the other are truly one. You cannot fully forgive another without fully forgiving yourself. In forgiveness lies the stoppage of the wheel of karma. It invokes a higher principle of the universe which invariably halts the karmic inertia in its tracks. Forgiveness is the ultimate way for good to triumph over evil. Forgive your enemies, forgive your friends and family, and forgive yourself. It is final path to Ascension.